Ways on How to Pump Out Your Septic Tanks


If you have a septic tank in your home, how often should you have it pumped? If you haven’t had it pumped in three to five years, you should do so. There are a few reasons why you should have it pumped. First, you need to know the signs you expect and what to do to prevent high liquid levels.

Selective emptying

You’ve probably heard of selective emptying if you have a septic tank. Essentially, this means that you only remove the solid waste from your tank when it reaches a certain level. You mustn’t let any of the solid waste get into the ground since this can spread bacteria. In addition, you should never let sludge buildup in the tank, as this can lead to diseases of fecal origin.

Over time, the scum will accumulate on the bottom of your tank, which is what you want to avoid. While bacteria will break down the scum over time, too much scum could block air and cause overflows. When this happens, you should consider contacting septic tank pump out services Orlando FL to perform selective emptying. Alternatively, you could consider adding a bacterial additive to your tank regularly. 

Signs of high liquid levels

High liquid levels in septic tanks indicate a bigger problem. These signs can be found around the drain field and septic tank. If you notice these signs, you can call a professional septic company or plumber to solve the problem.

A septic system alarm can be a warning sign of an overflow or backup. The system alerts the homeowner if the water level in the septic tank goes above the average level. Regular septic tank pumping is vital to keep your system running smoothly. Minor problems can disrupt your daily life.

Pooling water in your yard is another sign of a full septic tank. While it may appear healthy, this water feeds your lawn nutrients, resulting in a poor lawn. The best way to determine whether your septic tank is complete is to call your local waste management company and get it pumped out. The cost of pumping your tank depends on your tank size and the problem’s extent.

Getting a grinder pump

If your home has a septic tank, you may consider getting a grinder pump to pump out your sewage. These pumps can be electrically powered, but they can still be clogged. This can lead to the pump’s motor overheating and stopping functioning. You can also find that your pump is not working if you have a power outage. You can test whether the pump works by unplugging it and checking its power connection.

A septic grinder pump grins wastewater and directs it into a pressurized sewer main. It should not be used with a septic tank system because the slurry will not separate from the liquid inside it. In addition, the slurry will eventually degrade the underground leach field if you don’t have a pressurized sewer system. When choosing a grinder pump, it is essential to consider the volume of wastewater and the distance the sewage will travel.

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