Fun Ways To Tell Parents You’re Pregnant: How to Break the News


Pregnancy is a big milestone, and it’s always great to have your parents involved in the process. Whether you’re still at school or living on your own, there are many ways that you can share the news of your pregnancy with them. There are many fun ways to tell parents you’re pregnant. You just need to identify what fits you and how you think your parents will receive it. Whether you are a single parent, it is still better to have someone that will help you walk in your pregnancy journey, parents are the best person to share the big news, of course.

The pregnancy is not just a big change on your part but to your own parents as well. They will feel an excitement about the news about your growing family. Some of them might become grandparents for the first time! To some, they might not accept it right away for some reasons, but later on they will surely can’t get enough about having a bundle of joy coming your way! At the end of the day, keep in mind that they are also parents. They will surely give some love to that little bundle of joy the moment they will see it smiling right before their eyes!

Do you want to share your baby news with parents? Follow these tips to figure out how you should break the news to them.

Planning a pregnancy announcement

It is vital to make plans on how to announce your pregnancy to your parents. It depends of course on the level of your relationship with them. If you think your parents are ready for the big news, it is time to create fun ways to tell parents you’re pregnant, doing it creatively can make the atmosphere fun and full of surprises. However, if you think your parents are not yet ready to receive the news, a conversation will be much better than preparing some surprises.

How to break the news

Even if you are close with your parents, you will still wonder how they will react to your pregnancy. You need to be prepared about how to deal with the reaction. It is good to think in advance about how you may feel and what you will do about their reaction. It is so important to prepare yourself especially if you are not ready for the pregnancy as well. However, if you feel that your parents are excited about your pregnancy, think about some fun ways to tell parents you’re pregnant.

Take it slow and make it personal

This is important especially if the case is that you are a solo parent, still studying, or unplanned pregnancy. Take it slow and make it personal by having a deep conversation with them. Allow your parents to have time to absorb the news of your pregnancy. Tell them about how you feel about it and apologize if you may, when your parents have warned you about the values that you have as a family. It is not an easy thing to put your feelings into words. Don’t worry if it won’t come out perfectly when you tell them. You can also write it down in a letter if you can’t express it out loud.

What to do with the reaction from parents

It is always expected to receive a positive reaction from parents with the news of having a new bundle of joy to be part of the family. It is exciting as well to prepare some fun ways to tell parents you’re pregnant. However, not everyone will have the same reaction, especially if you are not in a situation where it is not “ideal” as society perceived it to have. It could be that you are still studying, left behind by a partner, or living all alone. It is important to prepare your heart and set your emotions right. One of the things you can put in mind is that your parents always want the best for you. Prepare yourself for their reaction.

However, even if they will not receive it well initially, at the end of the day, they will surely accept the bundle of joy that is coming your way. They are parents and they once had you like a baby as well, they know how it feels to have one! Who knows, your pregnancy can pave the way for your relationship to be healed and strengthened!

Lastly, there can be a different reaction for this moment, it will be truly emotional to have a baby coming your way. Being in school, living alone, or having it after getting married, your baby will surely be a precious gift for everyone, especially to you! It will surely be a joy to go through pregnancy when others know and celebrate with you!

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