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Are you looking to make a special present for someone who has just graduated from high school or college? If so, you know how much this momentous occasion means to everyone involved—the student has spent thousands of hours of hard work honing their craft, trying to get a degree, and making their way in the world. Graduating from university or from high school is the next big step in their life; they are either going off to college, starting a job, or looking to score their dream occupation fresh out of Grad school! 

Getting someone a custom plaque to celebrate graduation is one of the best ways you can remember the special times, honor their hard work and commitment, and really put the student on a pedestal for their dedication to schooling. Gifting this plaque with a Graduation Stole will make the day memorable for that person. Let’s see how you can customize the plaques to celebrate graduation, ideas for the diploma plaques, and how you can remember the special memories the student has created throughout their years in college.

Looking To Get The Best Grad Gift Possible? Get Custom Plaques To Celebrate Graduation!

First off, what are custom plaques, and why are they the best gift for graduation? Custom engraved plaques are a special and unique gift that can be used for any type of occasion. You can personalize the plaques so it works with your unique occasion, whether it be a birthday, anniversary, accomplishment, graduation, or any other momentous time. Is someone graduating high school? Custom plaques are the way to go! Did someone have a monumental birthday? Customized plaques for the person can be a great fit that is unique and personalized. Avoid spending money on the same generic gifts that the receiver will soon forget – instead, put time and effort into creating customized plaques that the receiver is sure to appreciate. After all, you’re going to be spending time and effort customizing the plaques – and every single person appreciates gifts that are unique and take time to think of and create! If you need more information, you can learn more at Plaque Maker. 

So what kind of decorations should you add to custom plaques to celebrate graduation? Try using some of the traditional icons of graduation, such as a cap and gown, diploma, school grades, school books, universities, and other symbols that really represent school and studying. You can use books on the custom plaques to symbolize the hard studying the student had to do to succeed in university. You could also show the diploma or cap and gown to symbolize the student graduating and how much it means to them. 

Some of the best custom plaque designs for graduates:

  • Cap and gown – You can put a decoration of the student in a cap and gown to symbolize them graduating and the accomplishment of making it through high school or university.
  • Diploma – The diploma is the universal symbol for graduating. You can use the diploma to symbolize a person who has graduated high school or college and earned their “certificate” – the diploma is a universal symbol of graduation, as people will hold onto their diploma for years after graduation and hang it up in their home office, place of work, or frame in their house. 
  • School Books – Another iconic choice to symbolize graduation is school books. School books are a great way to show that the student has spent hours and hours studying, taking notes, writing essays, and completing their homework to pass class and graduate from school.
  • Grades – If you want to symbolize the student earning good grades and passing their classes, you can put the grades on their custom plaques. Some unique custom plaque ideas include adding the numerical grades, such as the GPA of the student, or the alphabetical grades, such as an “A+” on the custom plaque! 
  • University – The last idea that you can use to create custom plaques for graduation is using the name of the university. If the person graduated from Penn State University, for example, you can put the name of the school, the school mascot, or a building that is representative of the school as a whole. 


Looking to create custom plaques for graduation? Use these unique ideas to really make your gift stand out among the rest! After all, you want to congratulate the student for working hard and succeeding during their time in school! Also you can get granite headstones from us.

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