How Much Does SpiceJets Deduct Against the Cancellation of Air Tickets?


During the previous three years, India’s civil aviation industry has become one of the country’s fastest expanding industries. India has surpassed the United Kingdom to become the world’s third-largest domestic aviation market, with the UK predicted to overtake India as the world’s third-largest air passenger market by 2025.

In India, if you do not desire to go ahead with your airlines ticket, you must cancel your reservation at least 24 hours before the flight’s planned departure time to get a refund. You will get a refund less any applicable cancellation fees. Please keep in mind that the cancellation policy may change at any time.

Size of the Market

According to the report of the International Air Transport Association, India will replace China and the United States as the world’s third-largest air passenger market in the next ten years by 2030. (IATA).

In FY21, India’s passenger traffic was 116.47 million. Due to COVID-19-related flight limitations, domestic and international passenger traffic dropped at a CAGR of -8.02 percent and -38.64 percent, respectively, from FY18 to FY21.

Domestic passenger traffic was estimated to be 100.2 million in FY21, down 55.7 percent year on year. In contrast, foreign passenger traffic was estimated to be 11.1 million, down 88.8% year on year, according to Indian airports.

Freight traffic decreased by -2.77 percent from 3.71 million tonnes (MT) in FY16 to 3.27 MT in FY21. India’s airport freight traffic has the potential to reach 21 MT by FY45.

Deduction Policy On Flight Tickets In India

Canceling your airline’s ticket is a hassle-free process. It is because each airline company adheres to the norms and rules laid down by the civil aviation ministry.

SpiceJet Deductions Against Ticket Cancellations

Any cancellation of a domestic sector booking would result in a fine of INR 3000 (base fare plus fuel surcharge per passenger per sector per changer) for all domestic sectors.

If you wish to make modifications to any of the elements of your booking, such as the date and time, or cancel it, you should do so at least 2 hours before your flight’s planned departure.

A person who cancels 2-7 days before the event must pay 2,000, and a person who cancels 7-30 days before the event must pay 1,500. Customers who cancel 30 days or sooner are charged $1250, 20% less than the previous rate.

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The Road Ahead

India’s aviation business remains primarily undeveloped, with enormous development potential, given that air travel is still prohibitively costly for the bulk of the country’s population, with roughly 40% of the population belonging to the upwardly mobile middle class.

Stakeholders in the aviation industry should work with government agencies to adopt efficient and sensible policies to help India’s civil aviation sector grow. India would be well-positioned to fulfill its aim of being the third-largest aviation market by 2025 with the appropriate regulations and a constant focus on quality, cost, and passenger interest. Indian travelers’ spending is estimated to reach Rs. 11.5 lakh crore ($146 billion) by 2022. By 2025, Indian travelers’ spending is estimated to get Rs. 10.5 lakh crore ($146 billion). By 2038, India would require 3,380 additional commercial jets due to increased demand for air travel.


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