How Orthotic Inserts Can be Used


Premade orthotics and custom orthotic inserts are common types of orthotic inserts. There are several reasons why they are essential, including RSIs and foot pain. These inserts are usually made of memory foam or an EVA-like material. Cheaper options, while cushioning the foot for a few days, will eventually wear out. A proper fit and placement are crucial to the effectiveness of an orthotic. The article below covers the different types of orthotics and how they can be used.

Premade orthotics

There are some pros and cons to prefabricated orthotic inserts. Though they are generally less expensive than custom orthotics, prefabricated orthotics can sometimes worsen certain foot conditions. In this case, they are a better option than custom orthotics, especially when a custom orthotic is not feasible. These issues may include flat feet and back or knee problems. But before deciding which method to choose, you should consult with a podiatrist.

While custom-made orthotic devices are not always the best option, they are highly durable. They are usually long-lasting and can be used both inside and outside the house. Many people with orthopedic conditions may need shoe orthotics as they need them for both walking and standing. These devices can help them stay active both in and outside the home, which is important for mobility. Most of them last up to three years. In addition, Medicare also covers the cost of these devices.


RSIs can occur in hundreds of thousands of people and are growing in prevalence due to the intensive use of technology. Sedentary jobs and the increasing prevalence of posture-related problems are also contributing factors. The young adult population is also experiencing a surge in the occurrence of new medical conditions. Fortunately, many treatments and technologies are available to relieve the pain and discomfort associated with RSI.

RSIs are often caused by poor biomechanics. These maladies affect the muscles and tendons of the hands, wrists, and fingers and can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome or numbness. Even those not at risk for repetitive strain injuries can benefit from a custom orthotic insert. In order to avoid this pain, players can avoid repetitive movements and keep their wrists in a neutral position when playing video games. Taking breaks every hour can also help.

Foot pain

There are many reasons to get an orthotic insert for your shoes. Foot pain is common, and it can affect nearly eight out of ten people in the U.S. While over-the-counter shoe inserts provide extra cushioning, they do not solve the root cause of your foot pain. An orthotic can support the foot’s arch, correct a foot biomechanical problem, and even reduce pain.

Aching feet can ruin even the most perfect day. The last thing you want is to find yourself halfway up a mountain with no way out of pain. The slightest ache can radiate to your shins, hips, and back. Orthotic inserts can ease the pain and help you enjoy your daily activities again. Below are just a few of the benefits of custom orthotic inserts for your shoes.

Proper placement of orthotic inserts

Proper placement of orthotic inserts is critical for your foot health. They should be seated at the rear of your shoe so the arch will be supported and the foot will stay flat. The arch should start inside the heel and end before the big toe joint. The metatarsal pad should sit behind the bones in the ball of your foot. If the met pads are not positioned properly, they will feel like a small ball in the middle of your foot. Eventually, this will subside as the orthotic wears in.

Properly placed orthotic inserts can relieve symptoms associated with specific ailments. However, proper use is vital to their effectiveness. In addition, proper fit is crucial, as these devices only function correctly when worn with specific shoes. If you’re looking for a better fit in your shoes, consider wearing custom-made orthotic inserts. They can provide added support to your existing footwear and correct imbalances in your foot structure and gait.

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