How to Avoid Visual Distractions While Driving


Everyone has suffered from some kind of distracted driving.  No matter where you look, there will always be distracted drivers. With these visual distractions, your safety while on the road is compromised.

Here are ways which you can use to avoid getting distracted while driving.

1. Limit using your cellphone 

It’s been reported that most of the accidents that occur on our roads are caused by drivers who are using their mobile phones while driving. Fortunately, there are very simple measures that you can apply to ensure that this doesn’t occur to you. For instance, you can limit the usage of your phone while you are behind the wheel to when there is an emergency only. And even when that is the case, you need to pull over in a safe place before you make a telephone call. Do not be misled by hands-free devices because they can still cause some distractions. Keep off social conversations on the phone while driving. Remember that this is illegal in some jurisdictions and you could be fined for it.

2. Stop driving if you get drowsy

If you drive continuously for several hours, it’s natural that your body will feel tired, and this may lead to drowsiness. Drowsiness is likely to increase the possibility of a crash occurring by more than 4 times. A study carried out by the United States government found that at least 37% of drivers in America have fallen asleep or nodded off while driving. If you find yourself falling asleep while driving, the best thing to do is pull off the road. Do not drive faster to reach home early.

3. Reduce the number of passengers and limit activity inside your car

Some jurisdictions, especially the United States, prohibit teens from carrying other teens in the car that they are driving. This is mostly the case during the first few months when they start driving solo. By having friends inside the car, a dangerous driving environment is created because the young driver will be concentrating more on the young friends and less on what is happening on the road. This creates a dangerous situation for everyone.

4. Don’t eat while driving

Although eating while driving may look like it’s saving you time, it creates some serious distractions. It makes you less attentive to other drivers who are using the same road as you. In some instances, food may spill on you, and while trying to wipe it away, you will be forced to take your eyes off the road, and this could cause serious accidents. If you trained under a good driving instructor, you must have been told how dangerous it is to eat while you are driving.

5. Limit your multi-tasking to outside the car

While many people spend their time inside their cars, it might appear like the perfect time to get a few things completed. Searching for good music, calling friends and sending texts and more is dangerous. Avoid them completely, and focus on the road. Concentrate on the drivers who are around you. Settle everything before you commence driving.

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