A summer scarf will add an edge to your style, and none more so than an oversized one. This kind of scarf is versatile with any style, but in the summer, it can be challenging to style it. In this post, I’ll give you 5 ways on how to wear an oversized scarf:

1.      Wear it as An Infinity Scarf

An oversized scarf is ideal for many designs, purely because of its size. To style your oversized scarf with an infinity design, you put your scarf around your neck and flip it over so that it crosses over itself. You can also flip the scarf before wrapping it over your neck.

 After that, tie the two ends of the scarf together. Make the knot at the farthest end, possibly using the tassels of the scarf so that you have enough fabric to flip over your neck. Make sure to tuck the knot under the scarf. There, you have yourself an infinity-style scarf.

2.      Wear it as a Cape

This style is chic and fun. It is also perhaps the most effortless style to create. All you need to do is drape the scarf around your shoulders, almost like a shawl. Then tie the top ends into a simple knot on the front.

You can adjust this knot as you wish so that you can bring the scarf high or low to have a smaller or larger cape. This look could immediately upgrade your style.

3.      Wear your oversized scarf asymmetrically off the shoulder.

This style is standard, as it provides a sophisticated, classic, and elegant look to your whole look in a matter of seconds.

To achieve this style, simply throw the scarf on your shoulders, making one end higher than the other. On one side, let the scarf rest high on your shoulder, but on the other side, let it fall lower, all the way to your upper arm or as low as your wrist.

You can tie a knot on the shoulder or simply use a stylish brooch to hold it in place.

4.      Wear it as an oversized kerchief

This style will create a messy and artsy look that is cool for casual outfits. Oversized scarfs are easy for achieving this look. To attain this style, cross two corners of the scarf so that you make a triangle.

After that, wrap the scarf around your neck so that the triangle is on the front and tie the knot on the back of your neck, then bring them around. After that, hide the tails under the triangle. And there, you have it.

5.      Style It as a Simple Loop Scarf

This is a simple style that can serve as an upgrade to your look. It can add color and spice to your style.

This design is easy to make; simply roll your scarf to make a loose rope-like design before folding it in half.

 After that, place the scarf around your neck and twist it before pulling both ends through the loop and towards one side.

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