How to get more from Premium WooCommerce Themes


The following techniques are to be used with Premium WordPress themes.


The premium themes you choose can affect your website’s speed and performance significantly. Here we’ll follow 7 ways of how to get more from the Premium themes you choose.

1. Optimize images for web with compression

Images are the most important part of almost any website, and they can impact your site performance. Make sure you use images that are optimized for web with either JPG or PNG format and no bigger than necessary to display properly on your website. Try to keep the image size below 100-200KB, and make sure you use a WordPress plugin like WP to optimize the images on your site automatically. The same rule applies for other rich media content such as Adobe Flash or video files. You can also try website that provides lossless image compression service that produces high quality results.

2. Use lazy loading plugin

Lazy Loading speeds up the performance of your website by not loading images in the web page unless they are visible in viewport. Also when an image is loaded, browsers will load only that portion of an image which is within the viewport rather than the entire image at once, this leads to increased page load time. Using a lazy loader plugin like or a WooCommerce plugin development will help you resolve this problem and greatly improve the performance of your website.

3. Use Skyrocket SEO plugin for better search engine rankings

Skyrocket SEO is a powerful and user-friendly WordPress Themes that provides advanced tools to help you get your site to the top of search engines. It provides full control over indexing settings. You can blacklist or whitelist entire categories or specific posts, pages or custom post types based on your criteria and completely exclude them from being indexed in search engine results. There are several other tools available which help you optimize your website for search engines like Google indexing, XML sitemap page, RSS settings for Facebook and Twitter.

4. Clean up WordPress admin area regularly to make it faster

The speed of your website largely depends on the size (in terms of number of files) and the number of plugins being used too. The more plugins you have installed, the more are the chances of conflicts and bugs. So it is advisable to keep a check on the number of plugins being used regularly, remove any unnecessary plugins that you are not using or that are already broken. This will help you reduce the load time for your WordPress admin area. Further, instead of loading all files at once, try to use AJAX wherever possible so that you can load them on demand.

5. Use WP Super Cache to serve static pages

WP Super Cache is a powerful WordPress caching plugin that lets you serve cached (static) pages to visitors who are visiting your site for the first time, resulting in faster load times and reduced server load which eventually results in enhanced user experience. You can configure the plugin to serve cached pages for logged in users too based on their user roles. The best part is that you can customize exactly how caching is done with full control over status, HTTP headers and cache time.

6. Delete unnecessary comments

If your site has a large number of spam or unapproved comments which are being indexed by search engines then it will affect your site performance by adding unnecessary load to the database. Make sure you delete all spam comments regularly which you can do using the default WordPress comment moderation tool or a plugin like WP-SpamShield.

7. Disable pingbacks and trackbacks for better performance

The more the number of pingbacks and trackbacks, the slower is your website, especially when you have a large number of them. Pingbacks and trackbacks are useful features that send notifications to the blogger about your new article, but they come at the cost of generating an extra request for each pingback which increases load time on your website. To disable pingbacks and trackbacks in WordPress go to Settings » Writing page and uncheck the box (No pingbacks allowed).

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