15 Reasons To Hire A Personal Injury Attorney After A Car Accident


When injuries happen, they do not occur through devine intervention. Sometimes there is a responsible party involved in an accident. Sometimes, accidental or otherwise, people can injure other people. These people may owe you financial damages for your loss of work, and any suffering. A personal injury lawyer can help you with this. Hale Law, P.A can represent you in court so that you receive the compensation you are due for your injuries.

You need to have a claim against the negligent party or their insurance company like sr22 insurance south carolina, if you were in an accident that caused you injury. However, when this happens, most people are not sure if they require a personal injury lawyer or not. We will explain why it is vital to get a personal injury lawyer for your case.

Involvement In A Car Accident

The most common reason people get a personal lawyer is if they were involved in a car accident. A personal injury lawyer will assess your case and determine if you are entitled to personal injury compensation when this happens. However, ensure that the recommendation of the lawyer is coming from a reliable source only.

Involvement In A Motor Accident

For instance, if you have been involved in a motorbike accident in Portland, you need a Portland motorcycle accident lawyer to represent you. The cost of medical treatment for a bicycle-related injury can be high or low compared to the injury level. For accidents that you were not responsible for, you deserve compensation.

Commercial Truck Accident

A loaded commercial truck can be ten times heavier than a regular personal vehicle. This makes it extremely dangerous for anyone that gets into an accident with it. Are you a victim of a truck accident? Get a personal injury lawyer to help solve the case.

Marine/ Water Accident

Every year, the country records many boating accidents, especially those resulting from somebody else’s negligence. If this happens, you need to get favorable compensation. A personal injury lawyer will help walk through this journey.

Untimely Death Due To Negligence

When a person is killed due to the negligence or error of another party, wrongful death claims can be filed. Wrongful death suits are often filed in cases involving medical malpractice and product liability, and these cases are usually handled by personal injury lawyers who seek to compensate grieving families.

You can file a wrongful death suit by:

  • Family members 
  • Life partners and dependents
  • Family members who live far away
  • Parents of a miscarried fetus
  • Financially, others are affected by the death of the victim

Pedestrian Death

You could file a pedestrian victim case if you were injured in a car accident on foot, which most people do not know. A personal injury lawyer can help you get financial compensation and medical care for your injuries.

A Fall In A Public Place As A Result Of Public Mistake

Sometimes, it might not be your fault if a careless encounter hurts you. If you trip or slip on an object in public places (e.g., a broken floor or step), the restaurant, park, hotel, or store responsible can be brought to justice. An attorney specializing in personal injury cases can help you determine who is reliable and whether you are entitled to compensation.

Loss Of Car Value After Crash

It is important to understand that personal injury involves physical harm, including financial loss and property loss. A personal injury lawyer will help you determine the value of your vehicle after an accident and how much it has diminished. The lawyers will help you with your claim for diminished value.

Involvement In An Accident 

Many personal injury cases look like yours. Whether you were hurt in a crash with a recreational vehicle or the death of a loved one, a personal injury attorney will help. Being involved in an accident using public means is liable for claims, and a lawyer should be able to help understand this better.

Injured On Vacation

Even though vacations are meant to be fun and carefree, you may be able to claim compensation for personal injuries sustained on vacation (cruise trip, beach trip, ski adventure). This is only if the accident was a result of another person. 

Sports/Water Sports Accident

People who love water skiing and jet skiing do not know that it can be dangerous despite being so much fun. It takes only a few inexperienced people to cause severe injuries and accidents on the water – none of which are your fault.

Attack By Pets

If your neighbor’s or stranger’s dog becomes aggressive, the law mandates you to place a claim. This is only if you were not at fault for the aggressive behavior shown by the pet. A law firm can evaluate your case and determine if the dog owner caused you harm or damages that need to be compensated.

Aircraft Accident

Are you a victim of a personal accident on a private, cargo, or commercial plane? Let the attorney look at what happened to you and determine if insurance should cover it or if the negligent party should pay for it.

Defective Products

The manufacturing company should compensate you if a defective product causes injury or damage. Here our team of the auto secret has mentioned some car type. You need to be familiar with them while driving. Personal injury lawyers protect customers from the financial and physical harm that a defective product can cause.

General Negligence

You might also consider hiring a personal injury lawyer to help you defend against injuries caused by apparent negligence. You don’t need to shoulder the responsibility of another party or person, and you should seek legal representation if someone is negligent and causes harm to your family or yourself.

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