How To Lift Heavy Items Safely

How To Lift Heavy Items Safely
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If you have ever incorrectly lifted something heavy you will know how it can affect your back. Back pain is never pleasant, which is why you should always ensure you lift heavy items safely. However, it’s not always clear just how heavy items should be lifted. Don’t worry, this article will explain it to you so you can help to protect your back. 

Look at the Load 

Take a look at the load or box that you’re about to carry. Is it solid or does it contain liquid? Solid loads are a lot easier to carry than liquid as the liquid can move around. You may also want to consider checking the box for moving parts as they can fall off when the box is moved. 

Test the Weight 

The next thing you should do is test the weight. This will help you to get an idea of just how heavy the box is. Pick up one corner of the box to see just how heavy it is. Doing this can also help you to determine whether you need someone to help you carry the box. If you find that you cannot even lift one corner of the box on your own, please don’t attempt to lift the whole box on your own. 

Start Off Correctly 

A good way to start lifting a box is to make sure that you are standing correctly. Even having the correct stance can help you to avoid suffering from low back pain. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and keep your back straight. Now you are ready to lift the box or load. 

Bend Your Knees 

Bend your knees, making sure that you keep your back straight as you do. Squat right down so that you can reach the box. Grab hold of the box and remember to keep your back straight at all times. If you struggle to lift the box at this stage, ask someone to help you. 

Distribute the Weight 

Grab hold of the box and make sure that the weight is evenly distributed between both of your hands. Try to hold the box where it is heaviest so you have more control over the weight. Be sure to keep your grip firm so that the box or load does not slip from your hands. 

Use Your Legs 

Use your legs to help you lift rather than your back. Keep the box as close to you as possible so that you have even more control over it. Keep your back straight as bending it can cause pain. Lift the box until you stand upright. 

Putting the Object Down 

Walk slowly until you have reached the area where you need to place the box. As soon as you’re ready to put the box down, ensure you have a straight back. Bend your knees so you are squatting once more. Continue to lower the load to the ground and make sure it touches the box before you let go. 

Lifting heavy items safely is possible, you just have to keep an eye on your posture at all times. If you struggle to lift a box, ask for help so you don’t hurt your back. 

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