How to recover from Corona Virus at home?


Everyone is advised to stay at home when they come down with fever or some other symptoms related to Covid-19. But how they are going to treat themselves by staying at home is a challenge. People are suggested to take some over the counter medicines that can alleviate the symptoms and make a person feel less sick

Luckily, the majority of people easily manage symptoms while staying at home. Below are some tips that people can try out while staying at home to fight off this disease

Check the primary symptoms:

Signs and symptoms of Covid-19 are quite similar to ordinary fever and cold. The first and foremost thing to check is the breathing rate per minute. A normal person has a breathing rate of 12 per minute. If your rate exceeds this number, it indicates a problem. Pulse oximeter is also used to determine the health of the lungs since this virus direct attacks the respiratory organ

Go for self-testing:

As a matter of fact, not every sign is an indication of presence of coronavirus in the body. So, instead of doubting everything, you can go for self-testing at home. These days, antigen tests are being used to check for the virus and know about rapid antigen test procedure. This will help you do the testing at home without visiting the laboratory.

Know your medical history:

Treating yourself and trying to recover from the symptoms at home is good as long as you are healthy and stable. But, if you have any health issues such as diabetes or health problems, it might not be a good option to lock yourself at home and wait for things to take a turn for the worse.

You can check your medical files or talk to your doctor to know if you are at high risk to get serious symptoms. If you learn that you are covid positive and your health can deteriorate any time in future, you must see the doctor.

In addition, there are several such things that can be done to keep things under control instead of rushing towards the hospital. For instance, if you have the problem of obesity, you can control it at home

Do regular physical exercise:

According to research, people who do regular exercise are more likely to recover from the health issues that they may suffer from due to covid-19. If you are at home, it is easier for you to indulge yourself into healthy lifestyle since you have plenty of time

Try to do exercises which are not too heavy on your chest and don’t cause breathlessness. If you feel heavy even after light exercise, then take some rest and don’t push yourself into doing strenuous workout

Increase fluid intake:

Keep yourself hydrated as much as possible as they are central to quick recovery from the ailment. Your immune system generally fights with the virus using fluids by increasing the metabolism of the body. Fluids will give strength to your immune functions.

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