How to Select the Best chimeneas for Sale in the UK in 4 Easy Steps


We use fire to get a feeling of closeness, warmth and sometimes when not treated properly fire could be dangerous. chimeneas are an important aspect. The more traditional ones still use modern types of chimeneas. chimenea came into being during the 17th century. And it was used for baking bread. The main components that are used for creating chimeneas are either wet clay or wood. There are two distinctive pieces of chimenea. It could be a stack and a base of it. chimeneas are an important source of providing generous amounts of heat.  If you are interested in buying one grab deal now that many online websites are offering. 

What can we burn in a chimenea?

Chimenea is given another name as a wooden stove that burns perfectly. You can use either wood or charcoal. But with charcoal you can expect a uniform and constant form of heat. In terms of wood the preferred ones are hard wood. Those who are new might not know but liquid in the form of gasoline or alcohol is prevented from using. One must avoid using these otherwise big hazards are expected. 

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Four steps to consider 

  • For outdoor use only 

Always remember that chimeneas are for outdoor spaces. You cannot have them placed inside your living room. Because a chimenea does not fit well into a stove pipe. These can lead to accumulation of carbon monoxide which occurs due to constant burning of wood or charcoal. And this is pretty hazardous for health. You can come up with creative ideas to design chimeneas that suit the garden space well. so look into the area and then opt for a chimenea. Because otherwise you might end up spending more.

  • Check whether chimineas are not breakable 

Yes when you visit a market place make sure you evaluate the entire chimenea properly. Most of the chimeneas are broken before you start a fire in it. A suitable truck is preferred for carrying it over to your place. Even once home, I avoid lifting the chimenea a lot. Because it can drop down and break easily. Since a chimenea has two portions, the stack and a base never hold the chimenea through the stack part. The best possible way to do this is to place one hand over the lower portion of the stack and the other over the firebox.

  • Make sure you seal chimenea 

When you purchase one chimenea make sure it is well-painted and sealed before use. When you start using the chimenea at home make sure you seal it through the help of wood sealer or acrylic floor sealer. This is because every chimenea is painted. It provides little protection from moisture. So to provide extra protection you need sealer coating on the overall chimenea. This way the paint stays a lot longer than you expected it to be and the sealer will not allow the moisture to enter and ruin the chimenea as well.

  • Provide chimenea a safe home 

Another important thing to determine is that your chimenea owner is providing you a metal frame or stand on which you will place the chimenea. If you don’t have one, get one. But in the meantime avoid placing it over any inflammable surface. Because when we add wood in it there is a high risk of fire coming out of the chimenea. Therefore when we place the chimenea over the metal stand things become easy and chances of ruining ground or surface also reduces a lot. Thus always purchase a metal stand with it.

All the above features are to be considered while buying a chimenea. Determine the space or area of your garden and then look into the maintenance of your chimenea. Despite the entire above feature, also purchase an overall coat or covering for your chimenea. This will protect the chimenea from rain or stormy conditions. You can buy chimeneas through many local stores. Also visit to get the best deals and purchase a chimenea which will balance your garden. 

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