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Undercut (from under, cut, cut) is a general term describing hairdresser’s textural intervention into the bangs, the parietal part of the head, temples and nape of the neck. Over the past 100 years, the haircut has varied, but has always remained in trend among different segments of the population: immigrants, military personnel, intellectuals, students, creative hangouts.

History of the haircut undercut

The undercut is almost 100 years old. It was first worn by British soldiers during the First World War. A little later, the convenience of the haircut, which allowed to save a relative length of hair and did not interfere with the fight, was appreciated by German soldiers. Heroes of the war popularized the “undercut” in civilian life as well. Already in the 20s of XX century the haircut became an integral part of the preppy (from English preparatory – training) – the style of young people entering universities.

In 30s undercut became a distinctive feature of the image of members of the youth organization “Hitlerjugend” (Hitlerjugend). And by the 40s it also gained popularity in secular circles in Germany as a symbol of impeccability and neatness. During the same period the “Underkat” was worn by the first American hipsters, as well as Scottish and Irish immigrants – tough guys who formed the legendary old-school street gangs.

In the 50s and 60s, due to changing fashion trends and the emergence of many socio-cultural trends (such as hippies), the popularity of the haircut went on the decline. However, it could still be seen on the brightest figures of the creative scene of that era. For example, the famous hairstyle of Elvis Presley, which the British also called quiff, is a type of “undercut”.

The next surge in the popularity of the haircut came in the 80s. In the XXI century, the demand for undercutting emerged in 2010 and still keeps its relevance. The reason is not only convenient, but also popular among the bohemians – famous actors, athletes and singers, forming the fashion trends among young people.https://www.mindsetterz.com/

Elvis Presley’s famous hairstyle is also an undercutThe undercut was part of the style of young people entering high school

Military men appreciated the haircut, which allowed to save the hair length and did not interfere in battleWar heroes popularized the “undercut” in peacetimeThe undercut was appreciated in different layers of society

Types of haircuts for men

Source – ourhairstyle.com

The difference in the haircut is due to the length and type of hair. At the same time, the base of the “undercut” – the contrast between shaved places and long strands – remains the same.

Short “undercut” is a direct heir to the soldier’s haircuts of 20s of XX century. A good continuation of the shaved temples is a slight unshavenness.

Classic “Undercut” allows you to make popular styling styles: Canadian, British, pompadour, etc.

“Undercut” on the side – a dashing version of the Polish gentry, as well as Scottish and Irish immigrants in the 30s and 40s of XX century.

“Underkat” with long checks starting from 18 centimeters is suitable both for self-wearing and for creating rockabilly and psychobilly styles, as well as for top knot.

“Undercut” on curly hair – an independent style of haircut, dictated by the peculiarities of the strands.

The short “Undercut” is also known as the military. “Undercut” on the side implies a more radical intervention in the parietal area.

Who will be suited to the undercut.

That’s not to say that anyone shouldn’t wear an undercut. The haircut is suitable for all ages and genders. It is correct to say that in someone’s image the “undercut” will fit less organically, and for someone it will be more comfortable to wear.

Undercut on dark-haired men is more noticeable.

  • Owners of straight, smooth and stiff strands;
  • The owners of dark hair – they clearly show the contrast;
  • Those who are ready to spend time on hair care and styling;
  • those who are able to regularly visit HMB Barbers for a haircut;
  • Those who have a round or square face – the haircut visually elongates the profile.
  • The master can reproduce undercut and wavy hair, but the haircut will require more daily care.

Who is less suitable for undercut?

The main distinguishing feature that allows to recognize undercut and its variations is the long parietal area and bangs with a shaved nape and temples. This contrast not only makes the haircut bright, but also imposes a number of restrictions.

Undercut is less suitable:

  • Owners of elongated or pointed face – the hairstyle already elongates the profile, which will look even thinner;
  • Classic style addicts – it goes well with a suit, but this combination is not always appropriate;
  • The owners of curly and wavy hair – because of the properties of curls the style will require more attention.
  • Blond hair owners – the contrast between shaved temples and a long crown is less obvious.

Undercut on wavy hair is an independent and quite a good haircut. However, it fails when it needs to be styled. If curls are unruly or very curly, arrange them – it is not a quick thing, and maintain the form of hairstyles – is not easy. For example, in order to form a brit, the strands will have to be constantly straightened, which is an additional cost in terms of time and money for cosmetic products.

How to style an undercut

Only a short “undercut” does not require systematic styling. All other types require regular attention. The choice of styling method and means of fixation depend on the type of haircut and goals.

Without styling products

Styling is done with a comb and hair dryer on clean and damp hair. With this method, you can style your hair British or on the side. The style is done quickly, but also the effect of it will not last long.

Back styling – British and Canadian.

For a more permanent British or Canadian style, you will need a strong fixing agent. The method is the same – apply the composition to the hair (wet or dry – depends on the composition), combing it back. After the procedure is complete, you should fix the shape by lightly smoothing with your hands.

The British-Andercat

Hairstyling with a hatchet, pompadour, rockabilly and psychobilly.

The style is created with the use of hard fixing means, as a rule, on dry and clean hair. However, in this case the shape is not created with a comb, but with your hands.

Styling for a few days

Is in demand if you have to travel. Water-based briolines will help, with the help of which you need to create a supple, smooth, shiny hairstyle that can be changed with your hands on the go. Such products can help “hold” hair for up to 3 days in “field” conditions. The first 1.5 days will last the “British”, another 1.5 days on the side.

Underknot on the side

Top knot – A bunch of hair on top of the head.

A simple styling style for a long undercut. Curls slicked back, gathered in a bun and fastened with a rubber band in the hair color. It makes sense to give your hair extra smoothness, so that the beam did not look dry. For this purpose the hair is smeared with gel.

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