How Video Games are a form of Art


Video games are electronic things or an electronic source by which you communicate on a screen. However, some games are using all the principles of video games including the infrastructure, but they have no involvement of screen. But they do not come under the title of video games as they do not fill its criteria properly. The fact that is having the presence of a screen has entangled the definition. However, they serve to make important when it comes to differentiating video games from other games. Computer games incorporate blockbuster actions, virtual toys, hyper cinematic plotting, and slow-paced strolling test systems. When it comes to playing video games you generally use a handled regulator and buttons that translate your action to the screen. And now as the world has progressed and touch sensors have replaced buttons the procedure of operating video games has also been updated. And it has been updated while keeping in mind all the aspects of new technology. Now the buttons have become virtual and gestures of swiping are in trend. There are video games that track your hands in 3D space, and they do not require your hand movements as they imagine it and operate it accordingly.

How video games are being created?

Now the video games coming into the market are very close to reality. When you are playing them you imagine yourself in that the situation in real as they are created with so much perfection, having a touch of reality in them. The video games which are being played these days look like dynamic paintings and while playing them you can recount the most excellent story you have ever observed in your life. Video games are created with a strong story, and it would not be wrong to say that they are always devoid of any narrative. The story consists of different characters, and sometimes your character is speaking, and sometimes it is quiet but still has a strong presence in the game. But possibly you will never observe the face of any character in the game, and this is something people are always curious about. But the makers have never revealed the truth behind it. When you are playing them you can go through hours controlling sliders to influence every part of how a character looks so, you can make one that is genuinely your own. Character counter is tool where you count characters of video games easily.

How video games are different from each other?

Every video game is having a different story and the theme of games varies from game to game. Some games are puzzled based on where the players are supposed to solve the puzzles. Some of them are about finding the hidden treasure where you and a group of your friend are asked to find the treasure and while finding it you face different hurdles, and they can be in any form. There are some games where you have to show your fighting skills and have to escape from the attack of enemies. Counter Striker Global Offensive is a one of the most famous first place shooter game in which the players are divided into two groups. And the group of counter strikers have to fight against their enemies. To keep these games more interesting the makers add different features to them

Video games a form of art

The majority of people think that video games are a source of amusement and people play them for entertaining themselves. It is true to some extent but calling it only a medium of entertainment is not fair. A computer game makes you liable and guilty. It makes you a piece of something. It can make you do things you are not willing to do. You might feel uncomfortable doing them and for you, they are a crime. But you see happening around you like killing and murdering people for the sake of money and status. When you play a violent video game in which killing people is a normal act you release how much injustice is happening in this world. If taken seriously then video game teaches you the lesson you avoid listening, and they help you in realizing how people are using other people for money. The video game is not something out of the world or something completely fictional. They are based on wars and physical fights that are happening now or the one which took place in the past. These games serve to exhibit the intensity of the medium, and the potential which has not been discovered yet. While other forms of arts like writing and music are making us aware of new stories and facts about this wold same goes with video games. Games, being amazingly assorted and youthful, will help us in narrating the stories which are not revealed to us yet. for more info visit

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