Why Keeping Your Promises Matters?


All of us have come across people who aren’t very good at keeping their words. Some can do so more frequently than others, but unfortunately, it can happen any time to anyone. We cannot always control the circumstances of our lives, so a much-awaited salary can easily get delayed, even though it was promised to you by your otherwise fair, and generous boss. 

Chances are, your boss also knows that you would need the promised wage on time, to pay the ongoing refurbishment works in your home, including taking out walls, replacing your 20-year-old leaking fridge with one that has a larger freezer (who knows what the future holds), and investing in a dishwasher so you can work more instead of washing dishes!!

When you are working so hard to improve your life on all levels, and you don’t allow yourself a break, even when becoming ill, you need to give yourself a little break. No matter if your salary arrived on the promised week or it hasn’t. Rest is utterly important sometimes! Because when you allow yourself to relax, you can take a step back, and realize, the universe has your back… 

Signs Your Time Hasn’t Arrived Yet

How do I know? It happened to me recently. Not only has a boss of mine had a lot going on for himself in the past week, but he couldn’t send the promised payment. He and other clients also canceled my part-time work, because everyone seemed to have a super tough week. Just the usual year-end rush before Christmas, and to top it with some crazy flu epidemic and COVID!

How can you know you need to take a step back as your time hasn’t yet come? From the signs! Then, your important co-workers get so busy, they unintentionally sabotage your advancement, sometimes in multiple areas of your life. Your money doesn’t arrive, so you cannot pay your workers. You call the head of construction, and find out he has been ill bedridden for a week! 

What do you do then? Accept it. Breathe. You could even thank the universe for making it clear your time hasn’t yet arrived… Prepare for your next round of fights. At this stage, it is important to ground yourself a bit! Go for a walk. Eat a good meal. Go for a massage, a run, have a sauna session, or anything that fills you up for the next round! These treats can keep you going strong!

The Psychology of False Promises

So, what’s the key element of keeping your promise? Self-discipline and commitment. Devoted to being honest and following through with your given words. We know a person’s integrity, when their actions match their words, right? And how can you recognize if a person has authentic characteristics? From the power of their words, which indicates conscious creation. 


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It is crucial to start using our words and messages more carefully in our current society of extreme challenges for everyone. We should wake up to the fact that through our words we give birth to support or love, or to the contrary, pain or war. It is entirely in our hands to help or hurt others, as long as we are willing to acknowledge that, and take the responsibility for it! 

How can you keep your promises, if it is challenging for you? By acting in alignment with your words, and staying consistent. What could be the difference between people who stick to and follow through with their words and those who don’t? The way they feel about it. People who keep their word tend to remember and value their promises, respecting themselves and others. 

Trustworthy versus Untrustworthy People 

Such people signal that you can count on them all the time. Because they do their best to keep their promises, as they know it is a crucial element of their authenticity. On the other hand, people who don’t keep their promises, don’t follow through with their words and are inconsistent with what they say and how they act. They tend to forget what they had promised. 

Their words aren’t powerful because you cannot know whether they are going to make it happen or not. Their actions and words aren’t on the same page. They don’t do what they say they were going to do. You could feel like walking on eggshells with them. And the trouble is, in my example at the beginning of the article, if it is about a due payment, it has a bad domino effect on others as well. Everything gets delayed then, and it only causes frustration!

Chances are, these people don’t honor the power of their promise, and what they mean to others if they do not deliver. They can lack a true commitment to their actions, concerning other people. In the worst case, they can come up with excuses why they didn’t keep their promises, or deny them altogether when you confront them. 

Keeping Your Promises Can Make or Break You

What happens when you keep your word? It creates trust, the most important foundation of any of our human connections. You will feel both better about yourself, and in your way of connecting with others, knowing they can trust you. It hugely contributes to having a peaceful and positive mind, and a successful life, on which you can build great things. 


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But if you won’t keep your word, your relationships will vanish soon. Because in this way you demonstrated an egocentric character, being more interested in your well-being than of others. You will also show this way that unwritten ethical rules don’t apply to you, which could earn you respect in the eyes of others. Other people take this as you don’t value them, and connections. 

When people sense they cannot trust you, you won’t be able to build thriving relationships, and you will lose their respect. If you choose to be unreliable, it only leads to controversies, conflicts, and eventually to pain for yourself and everyone concerned. Then comes a time, when life gives smaller than bigger and bigger painful lessons for you to do the work, and improve your ways. 

As Within, So Without 

You need to understand that if you cannot be relied upon by others, you are causing yourself an inner break by educating yourself you are not capable of playing a fair game. In no time, it will not only ruin your relationships, but your feeling of self-worth, and power of healthy creation. If you don’t contribute by giving your best to today’s world, watch out for what could happen!

It could easily lead to being rejected, people not wanting your company. You could feel ashamed of yourself. The domino effect such unreliability causes in your society could have a global effect on the entire humanity. Even if you can’t see it. For instance, if your crucial part of project work in a team is delayed, first your team, then your company could suffer its consequences. 

The same can apply to your private life. By not getting paid on time, maybe you could not take your sick puppy to the vet on time, you cannot pay your workers, buy an important school item for your kids, or get important equipment for your home while the sale lasts! But this is just the physical part of the equation, you could also feel embarrassed, losing out on important things. 

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Everything is energy and has a frequency in this world. Including objects, people, words, and actions. When you say something, or act in a certain way, you send out your vibrations in the universe. The higher quality and cleaner your intentions are, the higher their frequencies are. When you don’t keep your word, it has a devastating outcome on everyone involved.

So what are the consequences of not keeping your word? You will receive the same kind of treatment from others. People will also act in irresponsible ways with you. Anything you know you broke your promise, will sadly find you. Be it relationship issues, delayed things, conflicts, inconsistency, gossiping about you behind your back, bad intentions toward you, etc.

Not being authentic, and keeping your promises has a very high price you could regret. On every societal level, no matter if you are a boss, an employee, a spouse, a parent, a son, or a daughter. It applies to everyone the same way! And if you saw the outcomes of such acts, you wouldn’t be willing to pay that price!!

Using Words More Consciously and Carefully 

There are those people who very rarely break their promises. Because we are only humans, but they know the serious impact of keeping their word. They usually take responsibility if they cannot deliver, as they understand its negative effects. And they are willing to make up. What does it take to become more reliable, not hurting others’ feelings? Did your parents have such inconsistent patterns? I wish you good thinking. 

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