How You Can Win at Surgaplay Slot Indonesia

daftar judi slot via pulsa

Recently, a friend of mine visited Surgaplay Casino in Singapore. My friend was looking for an interesting casino in Asia and he got confused because of the offers at the different casinos here in Singapore. Surgaplay is located in Singapore, which according to my friend was not a very popular casino there. This casino is also a rather new one that is why I suggested him to try Surgaplay Slot Machine. I was really happy that my friend enjoyed the casino and it gave him good experience.

At first, I was a little bit worried about the graphics of the slot machine. It looked quite simple with the bright colors on the screen but once I saw the reels spinning, it was very thrilling. I have seen many slot machine games where the graphics are so bad that it is very difficult to enjoy the game. But not in Surgaplay. The graphics were just right, especially the ones on the reels.

Realistic look

In order to give the casino a more realistic look, I even tried playing some slot machines at the casino itself before going there. But the slots seemed too random compared to Surgaplay. I guess randomness gives more thrill to players. So if you want to have a real casino experience, you should definitely try Surgaplay. And my friend was very pleased with the machine.

First time playing at the casino was very exciting. There was a very nice casino house with a live band and beautiful lights. The machine seemed to be very random and gave me winning combinations every time. The second time I visited Surgaplay, the daftar judi slot via pulsa seemed to be a lot quieter. There were no live bands and the lights were dimmer. But the third time, the machine gave me even greater winning combinations.

The prize wagering requirement of each machine varies from time to time. But most times, I have seen the prize wagers remain the same for a casino like Surgaplay. For me, the thrill of winning here is a bigger thrill than from other casinos. The amount that one can win depends upon how many other players are also participating and the combination that you think will win.


There were times when I had a dream of winning a lotto jackpot. But then, that was nothing compared to what I experience here. When the casino wins, all the winnings that I have won here are deposited in my bank account without any deduction.

In fact, I have been lucky enough that the casino does not require me to deposit anything else. So, there is no reason for me to leave the machine. Even if I am already inside the casino and it is closing down for the night, I just leave the machine and continue with my life. If I have a preference to play slot games other than Surgaplay slot machine, there are several other casino chains that offer similar machines. And when I land up to my computer and find an online casino that offers these types of machines, I immediately select Surgaplay and begin playing.

Another thing that makes this machine a preferred choice for me is that they offer the best payouts. They are almost equal to the payouts in other casino slot machines, except that the maximum amount I can win here is only thirty five dollars. But that is still a lot for me to win. I have been playing here since two years now, and every time I win, it is like I am being rewarded tenfold.


If you want to get into the slot machine game yourself, you will have to learn how to operate the machine. This is not a difficult thing to do, but there are still people who fail because they do not have any prior experience. This is why I suggest that you first try playing at a casino where you can play and practice the techniques you have learned from your friend or a trainer. When you feel confident enough to enter the real world, then you can start trying it out on your own. Remember, you do not want to lose money while playing this slot machine.

Be careful

There is one more thing that I would like to share with you. While playing in Surgaplay casino, you should always be careful when you are dealing with other players. This is because the machine is a casino machine and should be treated as such. Playing against it may give you a disadvantage, but if you know your way around it, then you will never be defeated.

If you are new to the game, the best way to start is by using a “helper”. This person will take care of all your needs and advise you on how to win the maximum amount of money. He will also guide you on how to deal with the machine once you win. Playing a Surgaplay slot machine is quite easy. You don’t have to be an expert to succeed in it. It takes some time for you to win, so just keep on playing and winning.

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