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    Cereal Box

    You needn’t limit your cereal box collecting only to the boxes stacked up in the cupboard. Use these versatile boxes for a variety of other gifts, too. With today’s vibrant packaging, you can add almost anything to a cereal box that will make it stand out from the rest. 

    Get creative and add fun to your collection of cereal box accessories so your box will always be appreciated. Here are some ideas:

    1. Jokari 

    Create a cereal box display case with a Jokari twist lock closure. With a gift wrap organizer, you’re having a party of organization! It hangs easily on a hanger or hook and shields your wrapping supplies from spills, stains, and tears with large clear acrylic boxes. Its specially designed compartments hold tissue, ribbons, pens, wrappers, markers and more. There are several clear acrylic pockets on the back for gift wrapped items, plastic bags, rolls of paper and more.

    1. Wheaties

    For those who like their cereal boxes to say something, look no further than Wheaties. Their maximum protection storage compartments are the perfect place to store a variety of munchies, depending on what you’re presenting. Two different sized compartments hold munchies; one with 18 pockets and the other with 24. Both offer maximum protection for snack mixes, cookies, chips, pretzels, chips, dips, and more. The large square compartments even hold lollipops, candies, and honey.

    The cereal Display boxes case with a Jokari twist closure is an investment for your home or office. Its clear acrylic material holds small trinkets and accessories so that they don’t get stuck in your bags or the open. The Jokari twist closure allows you to twist each corner to close tightly. It’s a very handy feature for the woman on the go.

    1. Wheely crunch 

    This fun product is ideal for showing your recipient how much you care. Designed as an energy bar, it can be taken on the go. An insulated sleeve holds the Crunchy Nutty Chocolate Bar (a favorite among kids), and an external tube makes it easy to pour into the container and give away. The outer tube has an estimated delivery date printed on it. It’s a wonderful way to help them celebrate their school birthdays, as well.

    1. Zippo lighter – Smokers rejoice!

    A Zippo lighter will provide a unique look to your cereal box display case. If you’re promoting special someone’s birthday or graduation, this is the perfect gift. Made of nickel-plated stainless steel, it’s durable and looks great. The exterior is designed in a classic round, so it will fit well with other gifts. If you want maximum protection, add the magnetic strip enhancer to give that extra layer of protection.

    1. Stuffed Animals cereal box

    The stuffed animals make a fun presentation. The adorable teddy bears are available in two distinct varieties. One is designed with clear acrylic. The other is made with Wheaties cereal in a classic floral pattern, making it a lovely display case for any home or office.

    1. Delivery is usually 3 business days

     To ensure the best experience, purchase your cereal box display case from a company that offers fast, reliable service. Most online retailers are insured and use registered mail with proof of delivery. So when you’re shopping online, take a few extra minutes to learn more about these cute little accents!

    1. Provide accurate information

    When ordering online, make sure you provide accurate information. You can’t put a price on this special touch, as it will mean the world to your loved ones. Write down the purchase date, and include your shipping carrier and estimated delivery date. You don’t need to worry about spelling errors; the website will take care of that for you. Just make sure to check the spelling and grammar of any website address bar and make certain to double-check dates!

    Final Instruction…

    Some people enjoy collecting memorabilia displays, and the cereal box is one of those collectibles. Whether for personal satisfaction or as a wonderful heirloom, you can find unique items like this that may take up some space. If you have ever purchased something that didn’t fit into the original box because you couldn’t locate the key item, remember how much easier it would have been to store the item in glass display boxes. You can find glass display cases that store more than one item, which will save you even more time and money!

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