Important General Knowledge Questions for Class 1


General knowledge aids in the overall development of children. It focuses on both academic and general aspects of the study. It also improves the sense of perceiving the world, understanding, and analysing the situations, better as one would without proper knowledge. Kids having this overall knowledge raise confidence and help others to solve critical questions. 

General knowledge gives the latest information about various topics around the world to students, and helps them to move ahead quickly in their lives. By using their general awareness skills about the things happening around them, students can participate in general knowledge related quizzes and competitions confidently, and win awards. Knowledge is the key to success, to power, moreover, the key to one’s personality. Based on knowledge, one gets a job, earns a living and gains respect in society.

General knowledge and current affairs are instant conversation starters; being familiar with common concepts and basic information will help children navigate the conversation confidently. GK questions are important for children to improve their logical abilities and learn new concepts, apart from their regular course works. This makes children get knowledge about their true passion and develop those skills accordingly to make a career in future.

Why is General Knowledge Important for Kids?

General knowledge helps kids to participate in various activities in the learning age, such as class debates, entrance tests, group discussions, etc., and it also improves their conversational skills. Children start speaking on a variety of topics with ease. This builds confidence and puts them ahead of others. 

A student, who has the grip of general knowledge, can always dare to tread paths, less taken. Children tend to choose the lesser-known career paths like a motivational speaker, quizzer etc. General knowledge helps students to ‘think out of the box’, and study their syllabus from a different perspective, and understand the concepts in a better way.

The main factor that helps children in their growing age is through gathering knowledge from various sources outside the classroom, apart from academics and implementing them in real life. This imbibes overall knowledge in children. 

General Knowledge for Class 1

General knowledge is nothing but introducing various interesting concepts to kids. Children of Class 1 have the inquisitive mind to explore new things. This mindset should be improved in them and allow them to research more about every new thing they come across. Parents should encourage this ability in their children and encourage them to develop new skills required for being successful in future. Parents and teachers should have the patience to answer their questions, as kids of this age have various questions. 

These abilities improve their general knowledge and sharpen the skills that are helpful for them in future. Children should be given the freedom to learn new concepts, apart from their curriculum and teachers should observe their interests, and encourage them to go further in the same.


Kids in the present generation should have both knowledge and logical abilities to withstand the fast-paced and success striving world. GK questions for class 1 help kids to understand the simple questions easily, and make them understand various concepts other than curriculum subjects.

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