What to know about 613 blonde hair?


Blond or blonde is also referred to as fair hair. This hair colour is rather characterized by dark pigment eumelanin in low levels. The visible hue resultant is based on certain factors. However, it has yellowish colour that could be from pale bond resulting from patchy, scarce pigment distribution to sandy (golden-brownish) reddish ‘strawberry’ blond. The former has more eumelanin. According to the leading hair vendors, the state of blond condition combined with occurring blond traits especially within a predominantly coloured or dark population is considered as blondism. These days, you can seek 613 blonde hair wig to derive the kind of hair colour you prefer. 


The fact is hair colour darkens with age. However, adulthood experiences significantly less common natural blond hair that is otherwise found in people descended or living in northern part of Europe. They could have probably evolved with light skin development synthesising Vitamin D efficiently. But those who don’t have a blond hair may consider visiting the best wholesale hair vendors

Other populations feature blond hair although uncommon. The natives of Fiji, Vanuatu and Solomon Islands along with some Asians and North African-based Berbers exhibited it. If you desire, you may order for 613 hair with closure of blond colour. 

Western culture

Blond hair in western culture is more associated with female beauty since ancient times. Hence, most hair vendors report of blond wigs selling more than other coloured wigs. The Greek beauty and love goddess ‘Aphrodite’ is stated to have blond hair. This type of hair in ancient Rome and Greece was said to be related to prostitutes. They were said to use saffron dyes to dye their hairs to attract potential customers. But now, a good number of people buy 613 blonde hair and sport them at different events or parties. 

During Middle Ages, Western European people had idealized women with long, blond hair to be beautiful and desirable. This can still be noticed as many women seek to buy blond wigs from the top hair supplier. Again blond women in contemporary western culture are considered to be sexually attractive. This is what has led to the growing demand for products like 613 hair.


When blond hair is concerned, the well-established virgin hair supplier offers different subcategories. It helps describe different hair colour sources and shades more accurately. A few examples include:

  • Peroxide blond, bottle blond, bleached blond: These are terms that are used for artificially coloured blond hair. You may buy 613 blonde hair with closure in bulk for yourself or gift it them to someone known. 
  • Ash blond: It is also referred to as grayish or ashen blond. You can find them at https://ballicevirginhair.com/!
  • Dishwater blond or dirty blond: They are dark blond having brown and golden blond in flecks. 
  • Flaxen/blond: The best hair vendors refer it to as light, however, not whitish blond without any trace of brown, gold or red. Often, this colour is stated as ‘flaxen’.
  • Honey blond: It is dark iridescent blond.
  • Golden blond: It is darker to quite rich, yellow golden blond. 

You may order 613 blonde hair in bulk and use it to be praised by others around.

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