Is it Possible to Achieve Your Desired Body Weight? Know How to


Lifestyle Changes That Can Help You in Achieving Your Desired Body Weight

Thesis Statement: Everyone wants to stay fit and look good but achieving one’s desired body weight is not easy and this is where we all struggle. Therefore, in this article, we are going to talk about some lifestyle changes that can help you in achieving and maintaining your desired body weight.

There’s no such thing as ‘ideal weight’ BMI and other indexes can be used to analyze how much weight you should have and how far you are from your perfect weight. If you have healthy weight in your young life you will be able to maintain it for your whole life. Weight gain can cause a lot of problems such as heart diseases.

Similarly, being skinny can be problematic too as you’ll face a lot of problems in maintaining your health. Once you make up your mind to achieve your ideal weight, set a reward for yourself at the end that will help you to achieve your ideal weight more easily and you’ll find yourself more motivated towards achieving it.

Eat Good Food

Whether you’re trying to gain weight or lose it you have to eat good food. Avoiding food when you’re trying to lose weight will lead to damage to your normal functioning of the body and you wouldn’t be able to perform well.

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Drink A lot Of Water

Drinking a lot of water will help your body to maintain a healthy weight. Along with exercising and eating well, drinking is one of the main factors you shouldn’t neglect while improving your health.

Track Your Calories


In order to maintain your desired weight, it’s important to track the calories you’re consuming. Most of the time people don’t check calories so it becomes difficult for them to find how many calories are required to maintain the desired weight. If you’re trying to lose weight you should not consume food with too many calories. Similarly, most people include the use of ACV in their daily diet as it helps in digestion. So, if you’re wondering is apple cider vinegar good for you, we suggest that you should try using it yourself.

Exercise Daily

Exercise should be a must in your daily routine. If you’re trying to lose weight you need to burn all the excess calories you consume by exercising and similarly if you’re trying to gain weight you can exercise less so your body can save the energy you need to build fat. Exercising daily also helps to strengthen your heart, and muscles promote blood circulation, and have numerous other benefits as well.

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Get Adequate Amount of Sleep

A good amount of sleep is essential for the normal functioning of your body.  If you don’t sleep well you’ll be tired for the next whole day and won’t be able to work. If you’re trying to get your desired weight, maintaining your sleep will be the first thing you need to change.

It’s better to get up early and go for a walk that helps to freshen up your mind for the whole day.

Stick to your goals

It’s hard to lose or gain weight. In order to do it, you need to set your goal and stick to it. Set a reward that can help you to achieve your weight. It’s better if you take advice from a doctor or a healthcare professional before starting it because that will help you to achieve your desired weight quickly.

Do Thing You Enjoy the Most

If you’re trying to maintain your weight you need to do things you enjoy the most. If you think going to the gym is hectic for you, you can choose an easy exercise or any activity you love to do. For instance, walking, swimming, running, or even vacuuming in the house can help you to do physical exercise. Whenever you’re planning to do any exercise, start with a little so you don’t end up making yourself tired.

Weight Loss Or Gain Effect on Health

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Maintaining weight is essential in the case of health too. If you’re overweight you will face problems like heart issues and other diseases related to obesity. Similarly, if you are underweight you will face problems like GIT disorders and neurological diseases.

To make your life balance you need to visit your Dr first and after consultation start following their advice so you can achieve what you want. Similarly, instead of going for crash diets, experts recommend trying home remedies for weight loss such as using ACV. In fact, apple cider vinegar and weight loss go hand in hand and it is reported to significantly aid in digestion and burning excess calories.

Final Words

To sum it all up, there’s no such thing as ideal body weight or shape. Therefore, instead of striving for some artificial standards or torturing yourself to fit the so-called beauty standards of society. Strive for a body type you’re comfortable in. After all, at the end of the day, it’s your body and you own it. So, it has to be comfortable for you to live with it. Stay positive, focus on your well-being and trust us, you’ll lead a life that is genuinely happy. 

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