Plastic is an utmost important part of human daily life. Most people use plastics because of their affordability, easy-lifting, light-weight and recyclable. From the food, packing, medical to toys, and automotive industries, plastics are the most disposable materials on the globe. The concept of using and recycling plastics is growing to utilize the skills in making money.  

In the world of plastic manufacturing, people who work in the industry understand the complex process of plastic injection molding and injection mold design. Plastic-based products continue to proceed forward are the outcomes of the plastic injection molding process.     

 Differentiate in Plastic Injection Molding Jobs:

Jobs of Injection Mold Designer or Mold Maker:

Injection mold design jobs are challenging and classic to prepare the design of identical products. Mold Maker and Injection Mold Designer mutual work together, bringing much creativity, invention, and possibilities. Both draw the structure and design the mold for the product manufacturing. It is significant to consider a pre-production job before heading for witnessing plastic injection molding jobs.

There are three steps that have to follow:

1) CAD Software Program: 

The Injection Mold designer uses powerful CAD software to create computer-generated files. CAD software includes SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Uni-graphics, Master Cam, and Prototyping. Mold designer spends most of their time on the computer to visualize CAD plastic designs. Traditional CAD design draws by stretches, and 3D model creates through CAD software. This can turn into prototyping and a CNC file.

Injection Mold Mater builds rapport with the Mold Maker to communicate about design and assists in mold making services. During the process, the main duty is to prepare the mold design according to product requirements, it doesn’t take many hours to work like mold maker.

2) Injection Mold Tool: 

At the pre-production stage, aluminium or steel consumes for making injection mold tools. Aluminium injection mold tool prefers for low quantity production, whereas Steel injection mold tool is recommendable for quality mass-production. Injection mold maker or designer uses steel tools for Solid Works plastics. 

Also, the plastic industry takes benefits from MUD (Master Unity Die) for further complexity. The MUD tool is a metal insert tool used for casting plastic parts.

These three different tools use in plastic production and help the mold design to choose according to the product’s requirement.        

3) Injection Molding Machine:

Depending on the specification of products, a plastic injection molding machine is acceptable to produce molded parts in large volumes and casting plastic parts. The injection mold maker and designer test the assemblies and casting plastic parts to meet the product’s requirements.

Above are the pre-production steps necessary to follow by the Injection mold designer and mold maker. Once the mold gets created, the final product starts to manufacture through the plastic injection molding process.

Jobs of Plastic Injection Molding Processor: 

The plastic company struggles daily to find the well-trained injection molding processor out there. Having technical knowledge and Computer skills is advisable to perform the functional job in the production department.  

Here is the responsibility of the plastic injection molding processor:

Work in Production Line:

The Processor as technician performs duties in every position of the production line and operates the entire system under the machine. From setting the machine to running the plastic parts, they check the product’s requirement and track the process. They can work with injection mold designers and mold makers to ensure the quality of the mold for better production.

Assure Quality:

The quality system of the plant indicates the failure and success of injection molding. The Acquaintance to the parts, functions, and dimensions of the machine count at the time of training. A good processor identifies the technical and production issues in exact time and solves the issues with diligence. Make sure, the technician should have the ability to read a blueprint, follow instructions, and inspect the equipment and in the plant.

Check Materials:

Sometimes, poor material leads to products malfunction. It’s better to understand the materials for injection molding. The processor who knows materials properties and procedures selects the right materials. They should have command in material-handling procedures and dryer.

Set Up the Machine:

Troubleshooting skills enables the processor to find faults in the machine and the mold. So that, he is able to know how to perform set-up tasks in the machine with changeover molds, procedures, and equipment.  

Contact Maintenance Department:

In cases of malfunctions or machinery breakdown, the processor communicates with maintenance personnel to reduce workload and fix the issues. Problem-solving skills counts at the time of training. 

Tools for Repairing and Assembling:

Tooling is mandatory to clean and assemble the mold. The processor can repair broken pins and peel the surfaces off. They help in improving tooling issues and bring solutions to the problem. for more info visit     

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