Things You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Premium Woocommerce Themes


In this article I’m going to reveal 20 things about premium WooCommerce themes that you probably didn’t know! This will give you a better insight into what makes a theme great and hopefully make it easier for your decision when choosing your next WooCommerce Theme.

Premium WooCommerce WordPress Themes usually come in two different forms, either as a feature rich but basic free version or an extensive paid version with all the bells and whistles.

So without further ado here are 20 things you may not have known about Premium WooCommerce themes:

1) Usually comes with 6 month support included (free access to theme updates/fixes). Some can even be extended upto 24 months by paying an additional fee.

2) Free versions are sometimes left out of support and updates if a developer feels the free version is too close to their paid version.

3) Free versions tend to have less features than its premium counterpart, that doesn’t necessarily mean the free version lacks the core features but it might be that certain additional features are held back.

4) A lot of developers offer a free installation service for their paid themes, this usually takes only a few minutes and you can install your theme with just 1 click from within your WordPress admin area.

5) Premium WooCommerce themes sometimes come with built-in SEO options, Shop Localization options and other advanced customization possibilities like: button shortcodes , html snippets and font awesome integration (font icons).

6) Some premium WooCommerce WordPress themes may come with a compatibility plugin that makes your theme compatible with a certain WordPress Plugin.

7) Since premium WooCommerce Themes tend to be geared towards e-commerce, you’ll usually find a lot of features which cater specifically towards this use case. These might include: product sliders , mega menus and product list views .

8) Not all themes are created equal! Some developers focus on performance, others on design and others still on both. If you’re looking for a developer who’s dedicated to creating one great theme after another then look up Envato Market authors as they have the highest standards in quality so you can be sure their themes will perform well, look amazing and provide a plethora of options for customization which is what we all want from a theme.

9) Some premium WooCommerce Themes come with a one-click importer which you can use to import your existing product catalogue from an XML file or CSV spreadsheet! This is super useful if you’ve previously built your products in another ecommerce plugin/website and want to import them into your new theme.

10) Before buying any premium WooCommerce WordPress themes, always check out the reviews on Themeforest , go through the comments carefully as well as their ratings. You should be able to spot whether it’s worth buying at the first glance of their comment section.

11) Free versions are usually underpowered compared to their paid version. Some free WooCommerce Themes might also be stripped back of certain features, like they might not come with support or updates which can make it harder to keep your site up to date.

12) Not all free WooCommerce Themes are created equal! You may find that some themes will lack or have very little styling options for you to change the overall look and feel of your store.

13) Sometimes free WordPress theme updates may require a bit more tinkering as you’ll have to manually update them by uploading the new files via FTP. This is fine if it’s just a few small changes but sucks when major design changes roll out as it could take hours to update.

14) Paid versions come with an auto-updates service, this usually enables theme updates to roll out immediately via your WordPress admin area without you having to wait for approval or manual uploads.

15) Some free WooCommerce Themes may be poorly coded which can lead to slow speed issues and even security breaches (hacks).

16) Free versions are generally supported by the developers community (forums etc.) while paid versions tend to get priority support because there’s money involved. This doesn’t mean that free versions aren’t supported, it just might take longer than expected for someone to answer your questions.

17) Sometimes there will be a difference in browsers/devices compatibility between premium and the free version of the same theme (browser and device testing is very expensive).

18) Paid versions come with regular updates to keep your site up to date and compatible with the latest WordPress versions as well as any bugs that may exist. Sometimes the free version may be abandoned by developers (no updates!) which can leave your site insecure and vulnerable to hackers.

19) Not all of us can afford premium WooCommerce WordPress themes, that’s why we have WPThemeGrill here for you! We work hard to bring you timely and useful articles on ways to save money and how to make money blogging without breaking the bank. Check out more of our content below:

20) The thing about Premium WooCommerce WordPress themes is that they tend to appear sexy but what really matters most is whether or not it really is what you need, if it provides the necessary features and can work with your store. So make sure to check out all the options.

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