PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks To Become A Pro Player


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No one has captured the mobile community of gaming as effortlessly as the game of PUBG. Gamers invest countless hours on this multiplayer battle royale game online. Some have even gotten addicted to it. But, bagging a “chicken dinner” is not that easy. It is the game’s ultimate victory, but things get a lot tricky when you have to get it.

However, we suggest not to fret, as we have got your back. After hours and hours of trials, we have accumulated some tricks that guarantee that you become a PUBG pro and win big in no time. Read on!

Use headphones

Sound plays a crucial factor in the game of PUBG. It may be great to open the game and carry on with the gameplay, but a neat little trick would be using headphones. The game uses directional audio, and using headphones helps you to recognize gunfire, footsteps’ sounds, and more. Thus, play with a good quality earphone or headphone that allows you to know about the exact location of the enemy and activities.

Heal on the go

Unlike other games, PUBG does not have a feature of auto-healing. Use a combo of medkits, health packs, bandages, energy drinks, and painkillers. Keep going, and do not ignore looting these, especially if you want to survive till the end. Energy drinks and painkillers are good for times when you are stuck in the play zone. Therefore, use them wisely. 

Play as a team player

You may think that the most heroic thing you can do is play solo. You may also hope to get more kills going solo. But, we recommend sticking with the team. That way, you will survive till the end. Strike communication with your team, and assist them if they are wounded. 

Most players would repay the favor. Turning on the voice chat will also help in guiding other players of the team. However, do ensure that you are muting the annoying players as they can distract you.

Pick up enough smokes and nades

Many newbies pay the slightest attention to carrying extra smokes or nades because they do not know how to use the utilities well. But, have a look at the pro players as they always give priority to smoke and nades. That is because the nades help to kill the enemies instantly while smoke hinders visibility. Sometimes when you have no cover in the game, smoke is super essential. Thus, always try to take at least 3-4 smokes and nades.

Stealth versus guns blazing

Many players debate which method to use that will work better in enhancing the user skills and experiences. But, the most suggested method is using a balanced one. When you want to bring out the enemies without being killed or spotted, then stealth comes in handy. Blazing guns is one of the most remarkable ways to clear out smaller areas filled with enemies.

Learn to use the map to the best of your advantage. Vehicles, buildings, and foliage make for a fantastic cover. When you move in a crouched position, your footsteps will not be heard, and you can sneak up on your enemies. With the help of pubg cheats, you can also change your approach as per the attachments and guns you discover in the game. It is uncomplicated to be stealthy with a suppressed rifle or sniper than it is with an assault rifle or heavy machine gun.

Grenades are good for disturbance.

Grenades not only kill the enemies but are excellent for creating diversions. When you are unaware of the enemy’s position, simply lob a grenade far away. Your enemy will follow that spot on the map. Players will confuse that mark for an adversary and strike. But, on the other hand, you will be waiting to strike at them whenever the time comes.

Be vehicle sensible

You can spot the vehicles easily as they are noisy. But, they also help to escape a situation and move fast. You can run towards a drop with a vehicle. Keep a car nearby when exploring an area on foot. Use the vehicle to avert the scope of being eliminated. One bonus is that you can score kills and run over enemies while driving. But, avoid the bikes as you can injure yourself or even die while riding them.


Let us face it, PUBG is a game of high stakes. Thus, it is pretty easy to get addicted to it. There have been instances when players have slipped into the PUBG addiction and ended up in rehab. We suggest taking time off when you have played for many hours. Always know that achievements and scores in a game are not bigger or significant than your life.

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