The most beautiful villages in Puglia


Puglia, with its long coasts, crystal clear sea and valuable historic villages , is one of the most popular regions during the spring and summer.

The villages of Puglia

Unforgettable panoramas of the Gargano punctuated by jewels such as Vieste , Vico del Gargano or Peschici . How not to be fascinated by the towns of the Murgia or Salento, areas of great naturalistic, historical and archaeological value.

The villages of Puglia are a powerful tourist attraction and treasure chests of art to be preserved and valued. Villages whose historical value, in some cases, is certified by UNESCO. The ancient towns of Puglia have the great privilege of being in truly unique positions and in landscapes of extraordinary beauty. This is combined with cultural and gastronomic traditions that date back over the centuries and are still re-proposed to the public today.
Scents, landscapes, art and history mix to give life to a precious mosaic that the visitor will not be able to easily forget.

There are 11 villages in Puglia included in the club of the most beautiful villages in Italy : Alberona, Bovino, Cisternino, Locorotondo, Maruggio, Otranto, Pietramontecorvino, Presicce, Roseto Valfortore, Specchia and Vico del Gargano .

The villages of Puglia – Festivals, Festivals and Fairs

Of great importance are all the traditional events organized by the local populations of the villages of Puglia  , starting with the Medieval Festivals and Festivals . In fact, every year thousands of tourists or simple day visitors gather in the medieval villages of Puglia  to experience a day of entertainment. Parades in period costumes often accompanied by a race to win the palio offer the best of the country’s cultural tradition . Festivals , on the other hand, enhance traditional cuisine and typical local products, showing the visitor the best of quality products that distinguish the food and wine tradition of the village .

The villages of Puglia – Guide to the visit

After a brief historical overview, ample space will be given to the main monuments with indications on what to see inside them, to the most significant folkloristic events or events, such as medieval festivals or festivals. Added to this is the panorama of typical local products and the traditional local cuisine of the country.
Finally, the contacts of the main municipal and tourist bodies of the place are indicated, such as APT, Pro Loco, Tourist Associations and so on. Last link with the map of the village so as to identify the route to reach it .

When to go to Puglia

By virtue of its position, latitude and the presence of the Adriatic Sea, the climate of Puglia reflects the typical Mediterranean one with hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters.
An even hotter climate is found in the inland plains while on the coast the summer heat is mitigated by sea breezes.
Cooler summers and colder winters can be found in the innermost areas of the Murgia and in the Dauno Sub-Apennines, in particular the one on the border with Basilicata and Campania where snow episodes and more rainfall can occur during the year.
The latter range from a minimum of 450 mm per year in the coastal areas and plains to 800 mm per year in the more inland mountainous areas (Murgia and above all Daunia).

In general, the best period to visit the villages of Puglia is spring (April – May – June) and the one that runs from the end of September to the entire month of October. Summer is excellent for those wishing to discover the historical beauties of the seaside villages but it is advisable to avoid the hottest days, especially for the localities located in the plains far from the coast.

Tourist information

Region: Apulia
Population name : Apulians
Extension:  19,345 km²
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