VIEFFE – CONTROSOFFITTI is an organization that flaunts north of 40 years of involvement with promoting and establishment of materials for the development of dry works.

Amazing skill and capability are the natural qualities of the organization which, on account of the presence of master staff, has figured out how to have some expertise in the field of fire security and warm and acoustic protection.

Vieffe Srl manages the stockpile of plasterboard, mineral fiber, mineral fleece, calcium silicate, fiber concrete and fire obstruction frameworks, as well as the establishment of bogus roofs, walls, misleading walls, security of intersections and conduits.

With quality and state of the art devices we are broadly taken part in the utilization of recessed luminaires and spotlights for a misleading roof.
With the experience and plan capacity that has portrayed it since its foundation, Vieffe Srl can give the most reasonable answer for a need.

The enthusiasm for our work

Welcome to our new “home”! It isn’t not difficult to discuss one’s Organization without getting snatched up by the excitement of remembering 40 years of action through a sluggish yet nonstop extreme change of the general public in which we live and, thusly, of the market where we keep on working. I recollect, as though it were today, the hardships in introducing a “unusual” item, for example, plasterboard to a market utilized exclusively to workmanship… but, a large number of years, I have seen this innovation lay down a good foundation for itself in the entirety of its applications. I generally recollect the wonder of the absolute first clients who saw their solicitations acknowledged in an extremely brief time frame: flawlessness of subtleties, unbelievable engineering answers for be made in brick work, agreeable conditions and exceptionally low expenses!

Furthermore, this is the way we made the ebb and flow business structure: a construction where area administrators and their own clients can find both conventional items and market curiosities since, it ought to continuously be repeated, the quest for new materials and new establishment techniques won’t ever stop.

Today our clients are skilled workers, creators, modelers, organizations that work for a huge scope (even abroad!), and we have turned into a perspective for everybody on the grounds that together we track down the most reasonable answer for each kind of development need.

Our responsibility is to supply materials of the greatest quality and consistently imaginative with the goal that our client finds in us an aseptic provider of materials, yet a good to go, delicate and dependable accomplice.
Our proverb?
“Attempting to become together”.
John Vanoli

Misleading roofs in wood, metal and more in Piedmont

Vieffe Srl is a generally evolved organization in the development of bogus roofs in wood, metal and different materials.

Style and polish are consistently the premise of every one of our exercises.
Secluded wooden roofs

Wood, the most regular and generally stylish material for inside enrichment, is the most ideal decision for your extraordinary undertakings. Both overlay and veneered, with various characters, the measured frameworks make this sort of bogus roof another decision for specific settings, gathering rooms, banquet rooms, shops and cafés.

For a superior acoustic exhibition, various sorts of holes are delivered, with various kinds of mounting frameworks, with noticeable design, Microlook rendition hid structure, where the construction can turn out to be, regardless of whether noticeable, a further component of furniture and style .

Gyptone and Gyquadro suspended plasterboard suspended roofs

Gyptone and Gyquadro suspended plasterboard suspended roofs offer originators an intriguing and creative mix of style and execution, as well as limitless choices, for inside plan. They consolidate unique plan arrangements with the sturdiness of mortar and magnificent sound retention attributes.
Armstrong secluded mineral fiber roofs

Armstrong secluded mineral fiber roofs can be introduced because of reasons going from style to somewhere safe and secure. An immense typology of enhancements and administrations that answer the most specific market needs.

Inspectability, softness and acoustic execution are the absolute most intriguing elements of mineral fiber roofs

VIEFFE – CONTROSOFFITTI DI VANOLI Via Orbetello, 119 – 10148 Torino, TO

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