Social Media Tools In Action By Six Top Industries


The best way to understand how social media tools streamline your marketing campaigns is with examples. These six industries use social media tracking to collect data and provide customer service that increases their promotional ROI. With the interconnectivity of various things, people around the world have turned to the internet to blend their social and corporate interactions. Gradually, most internet users are using online resources to find relevant data. Currently, a significant percentage of both small and large businesses are making their mark on digital spaces. If you are looking to make the most of the digital marketing era, you need to establish an online presence, especially on social media sites.

Beauty and Fashion

You’d be surprised how many issues related to beauty and fashion there are. It’s more than just about the colors, patterns and shapes of the makeup and clothing. Issues that matter to your potential customers include product ingredients, views on animal testing or upcoming fashion shows. The integration of social media listening based on trending topics is what pushes this industry ahead of competition.


You can’t afford to guess when delivering content that matters to your clients. They come to you looking for answers, and you need to know what answers to give them. Your consulting company can connect with content that your target audience is looking for. In the process, the data you track will present you with new growth opportunities.


This competitive industry requires repeated exposure to target audiences. You need to find out what matters to your clients and their potential customers. Real-time data tracking and social media monitoring tools will help you provide the services your clients need. Tailoring your social media tools to observe live conversations also helps you plan your pitches, creative briefs and more.

Financial Services

Reputation is important in the financial industry. However, you also have other concerns, such as knowing how to stay ahead of your competition. Social media analytic tools that track news and conversation trends in real time will help you find out what’s important to your customers. This information could include anything from current lending interest rates to stock market updates. It might also touch on the current housing market, and your social media tracking dashboard will help you steer the conversations in a way that makes sense to your target audience.

Food and Beverage

This consumer industry constantly changes and grows. For instance, the delivery sector has emerged, and the trend is not likely to stop. The food and beverage industry in general is a lucrative but competitive one. Keeping track of market trends via your social media tools dashboard is what will help you monitor your audience. This will help you make better content posting and advertising buy decisions.


Social media tools infiltrate every part of the healthcare system. In this essential industry, you cannot afford to fall behind because lives are at stake. Monitoring conversations and keeping track of target audience data in real time will benefit you. Data collection based on a variety of health subtopics is also possible. For instance, you might inform your target audience about new heart monitoring technologies or provide success rates of new medicinal treatments released to the public.

NetBase Quid Social Media Tools Overview

A large part of the social media tools available includes monitoring of trends. This involves both positive and negative trends that your brand may or may not want to be associated with. Other utilities in your tools dashboard include competitor tracking, report scheduling and delivery, and market research assistance – among others. You can set up customized data collection sets to produce the outcomes you need when establishing your social media brand.

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