How to Keep Your Horse Happy


A happy horse looks interested in his surroundings. He doesn’t only eat well but is also easy to catch and looks happy to see you. A happy horse offers no resistance and enjoys his work. If you have just gotten a horse, you will be naturally interested in keeping it happy in health and mind.

One of the simplest rules to keep your dog happy is to mimic nature as much as possible.

Let’s go through some amazing tips that will keep your horse happy!

Feed Your Horse Properly

When it comes to feeding your horse, make sure to feed it a little but often. As mentioned before, horses are happiest when they are kept and cared for according to their natural habitats. In the wild, horses are habitual of grazing all day, so a small amount of food at regular intervals is best to keep your horse happy.

Feed on The Same Time Every Day!

Another tip related to food is to feed your horse on time. Horses are actually creatures of habit, which is why they like routine. By feeding them at the same time every day, you are more likely to keep your dog happy.

Include Loads of Fiber

Another tip related to a happy horse and their food is including loads of fiber in their diet. Your horse loves to chew. Out in the wild, horses were used to chewing up to fifteen thousand times every day. Besides, chewing can stop horses from displaying some stereotypical bad behavior to horses, which is usually caused by stress and boredom.

Groom Your Horse Regularly

To keep your horse’s coat free of parasites and shiny, you must groom your horse every day. Besides, horses really enjoy it when they are taken care of. By grooming your horse regularly, . Besides, chewing can stop horses from displaying some stereotypical bad behavior to horses, which is usually caused by stress and boredom. . you will also ensure that he doesn’t catch any disease.

Clean the Stable

Apart from grooming your horse, you will also need to take care that it is stable by keeping it warm and clean, preferably with a deep bed, as this is all your horse needs to take off the stress from its joints and legs. Just like humans, horses love coming home after a strenuous day – a clean and warm stable makes them feel at home, safe, and secure.

You should also ensure that the stable is well-ventilated and free of drafts.

Ensure Horse Companionship

Another tip to keep your horse happy and comfortable is to keep it in view of other horses. Horses like companionship – even other animals nearby, such as ducks and rabbits will do. Exercise him regularly -you might also want to check out this western saddle that isn’t only comfy for your horse and for you.

Horses are gregarious – they love being with other horses as these are herd animals by nature. By turning your horse out, you give him a chance to move around freely, play with other horses, and stretch its legs, just as he would in the wild.

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