The Best Streetwear Brands To Wear in 2022


Streetwear fashion has been a trend for several years. Furthermore, it is a trend that more and more brands seem to be getting involved with. Even luxury fashion brands are collaborating with some streetwear brands. 

Last year, the fashion industry lost one of the most influential fashion designers. Virgil Abloh, the founder of Off-White and artistic director for Louis Vuitton, passed away last year. However, his name will never be forgotten in the fashion industry. 

Streetwear has many brands that are designing fashionable clothing. Many luxury fashion brands have got on board with this wonderful trend. High-street shops such as Selfridges are also getting on board with this trend. Some of those brands will be mentioned in this article, along with streetwear classics.


Streetwear has been around for a lot longer than people think. Supreme is one of the first brands to design clothes in the streetwear style that we know today. It is also one of the most expensive brands out there for streetwear. Nonetheless, it gets his prize tag from the limited drops they release. If you anyone that wears streetwear, they will know about it Supreme. 

Supreme are one of the most popular streetwear brands out there for several reasons. One of them is because of the collaborations that they have worked with. Gucci and North Face are just some of the brands that Supreme have collaborated with. As stated earlier, their popularity came from their drops. It is where they limited the number of clothes that they released in a certain style. This caused a massive hype around their items and saw many people queuing up around the stores. 

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The North Face

Streetwear in the United Kingdom is very different to those around the rest of the world. The North Face style is a very different style from what is worn in the United States. It is a brand that is one of the most popular in the UK. Not to mention that it has also collaborated with many other streetwear brands. 

It is one of those brands that was never intended to be the style that it is today. The brand was originally designed for those that go mountaineering. However, due to modern-day streetwear trends, North Face soon adapted its style. Nevertheless, they are also still designing clothes for those that enjoy mountaineering. The North Face has collaborated with several mainstream brands around the world. Gucci is one of the best collaborations that they have had with the 1996 Nuptske style jackets. 


This is another brand that designed its clothes for skateboarders. However, due to their quick rise to fame, Palace soon became the staple piece for mens streetwear. The ongoing popularity of Palace soon made a brand that football hooligans began wearing in the UK. Palace is also one of the youngest brands on this list with it being founded in 2009. 

Palace uses a similar marketing method to Supreme, limiting their drops of certain clothing items to build hype. It is something that many streetwear brands have decided to do. As they sell their items a lot quicker than a normal brand would do. 


Stussy is a brand that only die-hard streetwear fans will know about. Shawn Stussy was the founder of this surfer brand in the 1980s. Originally, Shawn started the brand by scribbling his name onto surfboards. That soon took off which inspired him to start printing his name onto t-shirts and shorts before designing other clothes. Shawn Stussy’s streetwear brand was one of the first to start the style before it was adopted by Supreme. 

One of the positives about this brand is that it is affordable compared to the other streetwear brands on this list. Stussy has never overpriced his clothing brand which is one of the reasons why it is still going strong. Stussy has collaborated with some of the biggest streetwear brands today which is another reason why it is so popular. Shawn is no longer involved with the brand but his style is still going strong. 

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Last but not least, Japanese streetwear brand, Neighborhood. One of the biggest streetwear brands that are out on the market at the moment. Although many people believe that Supreme and Stussy were the ones that introduced the world to streetwear, other people believe that Japan created the style that we all know today. Neighborhood is one of the biggest brands in Japan for streetwear and it is a brand that you will commonly see across the western parts of the world. 

Several brands have collaborated with Neighborhood such as Adidas, Converse and Dr Martens. It is reckoned that Neighborhood was one of the first streetwear brands to see success with their unique streetwear style. Now, many Japanese streetwear brands are often worn in the streetwear community. One of those brands you might have seen already is bathing ape, also known as BAPE. 

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To Conclude

It is no doubt that streetwear is one of the biggest fashion trends that currently exist in the 21st century. Fast fashion brands are also designing their clothes to keep up with the streetwear style. There have been many streetwear trends over the years that we can all appreciate. 

Each country has a different style to their streetwear clothing. Full tracksuits seem to be the norm for UK streetwear wearers. In the United States, baggy college wear seems to be the most popular over there. Finally, Japan, the kings of colourful and graphic streetwear clothing. Expect these brands to continue to dominate the streets of the western world. 

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