Tips For an Engaging Breakout Session


One of the key components of an engaging breakout session is the activity. Smaller activities can make the breakout sessions more intimate and can also be used to enhance networking. For example, try human bingo or speed networking to get attendees to interact with the professionals around them. During your breakout session, offer bonuses for existing products or services to upsell. The following are some tips to keep your breakout group session engaging. Read on to discover more.

Smaller activities make breakout sessions more intimate.

Rather than presenting the same ideas in the same format as the main session, create breakout activities that allow participants to explore the same topics differently. Breakout sessions in Goldcast can also be more fun and engaging because participants are not forced to sit facing the same person all the time. For example, a whiteboarding activity can encourage creativity and engagement by documenting ideas as they emerge. Remember to plan the breakout agenda carefully to allow for transitions between activities.

Use the breakout session to upsell your existing products or services. Give your attendees a small bonus for registering for your event or a work sample. This will allow you to see what they’re interested in and how you can improve your next breakout session. In addition to giving attendees helpful something to take away, breakout sessions will help you build relationships with attendees and help you improve the next session. Make sure to ask participants to leave their contact information after the breakout session to make sure you keep in touch with them after the event.

Speed networking helps attendees meet professionals from different organizations.

Like speed dating, speed networking allows participants to quickly exchange contact information with others in the room. Then, they move on to the next group of participants. In short, the aim is to create meaningful connections by discussing their respective business objectives and skills. There are various ways to conduct speed networking, including one-on-one meetings and small groups. Regardless of the mode, it is a great way to meet new people and get instant feedback. In addition, the adrenaline rush helps people open up to further conversations.

Organizers can utilize virtual tools such as Zoom to help speed-networking events. The service offers 50 breakout rooms that can be populated randomly or pre-assigned. It also lets event participants exchange digital business cards and one-on-one chats. To maximize the event’s success, organizers can also use the video conferencing feature of Glue Up to connect with the participants.

Human bingo helps attendees learn about the people around them.

One way to get your attendees to talk is to use Human Bingo. In this game, attendees are asked to fill out a grid with interesting facts about themselves and other people in the room. As the game progresses, they must match their attributes with those they’ve been chatting with. After the game, attendees can swap their sheets and start a new game! This game is a great icebreaker for a meeting, convention, or party!

Paper rock scissors is another fun icebreaker activity that helps attendees learn about the people around them. This activity has everyone standing around a large board with 25 attendees on each side. Each group needs to find people who answer questions correctly and write them on their bingo form. The person who collects all of the names wins the game. To add more fun to the game, one group has to become the cheerleader for the other team.

Upsell existing products or services by offering bonuses

Upselling your existing products and services is a great way to engage your audience. The bonus should be relevant to the content of the breakout session and include an easy call to action. Offering a bonus to breakout session participants effectively upsells existing products and services while fostering a sense of value for attendees. Rewards should be easily accessible through custom promo codes, URLs, or QR codes. In addition, the bonus should help build a relationship with the lead and can be offered later, allowing you to improve your next breakout session.

The bonus should outperform the original product, or else the customer won’t have a reason to upgrade. Customers will stick to the first choice if they cannot afford the upsell. Providing a bonus doesn’t mean you should stop selling, however. The upsell must still be worth paying for, and the price increase should not deter customers. It’s always better to offer a higher-valued product than the cheapest one.

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