Tips to excel in class 6 maths Olympiad exams

Tips to excel in class 6 maths Olympiad exams

Olympiad tests are held every year all around the world to find youthful potential. These tests give high school pupils a unique competitive platform to exhibit their talents and learn more. 

Olympiads are competitive exams held at the secondary school level to instill problem-solving and analytical abilities in pupils. Hence, class 6 students can also enroll in Olympiad exams. We’ll go over some recommendations in this post to help class 6 students pass their math Olympiad exam. 

Tips to prepare maths Olympiad exams-

  1. Examine the syllabus and learn the exam pattern-

It’s critical to look over the syllabus for the Olympiad you’ll be taking. You can get the syllabus for each Olympiad exam on the official website. Before you begin studying for the test, go over the syllabus to get a sense of the specific subjects you’ll need to cover. So that you may plan your preparation properly. 

To compete in Olympiads, one must be well familiar with the exam format. You should be well-versed in the exam’s question format and scoring system. You should also be aware of the different sorts of questions and how they are distributed so that you may study appropriately for the exam.

  1. Recognize the topics –

Only concept-oriented objective-type questions appear in the olympiads exams. Because mathematics is a practical topic, students will not benefit from memorizing the methods of problem-solving strategies. Students should learn to enhance their mathematical understanding by reviewing and practicing what they have already learned. They can do so by using the internet. Several sites provide free math education. The student can go to the websites and review their Olympiad exam syllabus.

  1. Solving sample papers and previous Olympiad question papers-

Candidates can also solve sample papers and question papers from prior years. They can also take a practice exam to help them remember what they’ve learned. They look for Olympiad example questions on the internet. The online versions will provide you with a far more accurate representation of the sort of difficulty you may encounter on the test. 

There are sorts of exams available on a variety of websites and are simple to get. Before the Olympiad exam, you may usually get a free practice test. You may also access IMO Maths Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper Class 6 2016. Because math is a practical test, it is good to practice more.

  1. Learn quick tricks – 

Math is nothing more than a game of numbers and logic. A single arithmetic question can be solved in a variety of ways. Traditional techniques are simple to use, but they take time. In a math Olympiad, the goal is to answer as many questions as possible, but this is impossible using long methods. As a result, you can learn shortcuts and methods to help you answer the questions faster. 

Try to keep these tricks on your fingertips. This will assist you in finishing the paper on time and working productively. You can learn these tricks from your maths teacher or the internet.

  1. Refer to several books – 

You may also use the different books available for purchase to aid in your preparation for the Olympiad test. These publications include practice examinations, practice test questions, and sample questions so you can acquire a feel for the exam before you sit for it. There are multiple-choice questions in the books, as well as a discussion part. This will assist you in determining how to tackle the various difficulties.

  1. Some tricks for your Olympiad exam-

The following are some tips that can you follow before or during Olympiad exams-

  1. Read all of the questions carefully. The complexity of Olympiad issues is well-known, which means you’ll have to put in extra work.
  2. Do not spend time on tough questions during the exam. Instead, start with some simple and brief inquiries.
  3. Also, bring the necessary test supplies. The night before the exam, don’t stay up too late.
  4. You can also wake up timely and revise the formula and important tricks before the exam. This will help you to recall them during exams easily.

Myths of Olympiad exams-

Many people have several types of myths for math Olympiad exams. Let us talk about some myths of Olympiad exams-

  1. Olympiads are reserved for toppers-

The majority of students believe that Olympiad tests are only for top students. The biggest misconception is this. The amount of time and devotion you put into your preparations determines how well you do on any exam. The two most important criteria in Olympiad success are a good study plan and hard work.

  1. It is vital to have tutoring and coaching-

Some students assume that enrolling in a costly coaching program is a necessary step towards achieving high Olympiad rankings. This isn’t the case, however. You must devote a significant amount of time to self-study to excel in your Olympiads. Math is a practical topic, therefore you’ll need to study it on your own. It is not required to learn from a coach.

  1. Olympiads need a lot of study time-

It is a common misconception that achieving a high position in Olympiads necessitates a significant amount of study time, around 3-4 hours every day. A routine qualitative study of 1-2 hours per day, on the other hand, is adequate to excel in Olympiads. Candidates should study thoroughly. They will be able to focus and absorb things better if they have the necessary study resources and a good study strategy. The quality of your studies is more significant than the quantity of time you spend studying.


These are some myths that should not be given any importance. These myths will discourage students from enrolling in the Olympiads. You can refer to the above-given tips to excel in your International Maths Olympiad (IMO) Class 6. Olympiad exams are beneficial as they help you to boost your confidence. Also, the OLympiad prepares students for competitive exams in the future. Hence, it is recommended that one can enroll in the maths Olympiad. 

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