Top Features of the AAC Blocks and panels


Have you heard about AAC blocks and panels? AAC blocks stand for autoclaved aerated concrete. It is also called autoclaved lightweight concrete, aircrete, and so on. It was developed by a Swedish architect in 1924. It is precast foam concrete, and its blocks are recyclable, porous, non-toxic, etc.

When it comes to wall panels, they can minimize your efforts and cost. Although they have appeared in the market recently, they are popular among customers. Plus, you can easily install them with your choice of textures and colors. So, read further to know the top features of both the AAC blocks and panels.

What are the top features of the AAC blocks?

Below listed are the top features of the AAC or autoclaved aerated concrete blocks.

  1. Lightweight: When compared to the traditional brick, the AAC blocks are much lighter. In addition to this, they are affordable and appropriate for transportation. It allows the construction of the tall building by reducing the dead load of the building. When compared to the standard concrete masonry block, the blocks weigh less than 50 percent.
  1. Swift construction: The construction time is reduced, allowing for faster and comfortable construction. They can set and harden effortlessly, apart from being easy to install.
  1. Eco-friendly and sustainable: In the non-polluting process of manufacturing, recycled industrial waste is utilized and a non-toxic ingredient called steam is the sole by-product.
  1. Thermal insulation and energy-efficient: The blocks allow thermal insulation because they contain a thermal mass of blocks and tiny air pores. It reduces the air-conditioning cost and the heating cost of the building.
  1. Fire-resistant: The AAC blocks are resistant to fie and non-combustible for up to 1600 degrees Celsius. Their fire-resistant feature entirely depends upon the thickness of the wall and can approximately last for 2 to 6 hours.
  1. Seismic resistant: Constructing with AAC blocks allows your building to be seismic or earthquake resistant. The blocks gain a sufficient amount of strength during the manufacturing process. That’s why the blocks are steady and sturdy, along with being lightweight, making them resistant to earthquakes.
  1. Termite pest-resistant: You can keep the termites and pests away since the blocks are made with inorganic material. As a result, losses and damages are avoided immensely.
  1. Accurate: They are accurate and precise in size. They can help save the usage of steel and cement since exact dimensions are attainable with AAC blocks.

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What are the top features of the wall panels?

There are many modern options in the market; one such option is the panels. Thanks to the panels, you are not limited to outdated wallpaper or paint. You can transform your home brilliantly with them. So, read further to know the top features of the panels.

  1. Visually appealing: One of the top features of the panels is that they are visually appealing. They are designed to match the tastes and requirements of the homeowners. You will get an excellent and pleasant-looking surface with fabric or faux stone, paneling, or wood.

Hiding the existing flaws like dents, cracks, and scratches of the panels bring about the visual appeal. They can also hide cables from electronic devices or entertainment systems.

  1. Durability and maintenance: Durability and maintenance are other features of the panels. Since the panels are made of heavy materials, they don’t require replacing and can last for many years. They can be maintained and cleaned easily with some household cleaner and damp cloth.

If you have a removable cover in your fabric panels, you can wash them in the machine. You can sand down the wood panels so that they can restore their shine and appearance. You can repair, remove and replace the panels if any damage occurs.

  1. Added insulation: Your rooms will be highly insulated with wall panels. Some panels are flame-resistant, and it depends entirely upon the material. Apart from having the looks, it can keep you comfortable and safe.
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