How to Prevent Acne Scars & Pimples


In these days of pollution and unhealthy lifestyle, acne and pimples are becoming a very common problem. Though acne is a problem that is temporary, the scars of this can stay permanently.

However, though the scars are not desired by anyone, these are a crucial part of the normal healing process of the skin after facing an injury or damage. So, without panicking you can choose to undergo an acne scar treatment for better results.

Many wounds actually heal without leaving any scars. It is when the dermis (a layer just below the topmost layer of the skin) gets damaged that scars are formed.

So, to help you in choosing the best acne scar treatment, let’s discuss the causes of acne and pimples and also the ways to prevent them.

The causes of acne and pimples

Acne basically forms as the result of an inflamed lesion, like a papule, cyst, or pustule. These inflamed blemishes can form when the pore or follicle becomes full of excess oil, bacteria, and skin cells that are dead.

Then the pore swells, leading to a break in the follicle wall. When this rupture takes place near the surface of the skin, the problem is actually not crucial and can heal quickly.

However, serious lesions take place when there is a serious break in the wall of the follicle. In that case, the infected fluids spread out into the dermis area and damage those skin tissues that are healthy.

In order to repair the damage of the dermis area, the skin starts to form the collagen fibers that are newly formed.

Collagen is one kind of protein that is fibrous and offers the skin its flexibility and strength. However, the result of this finished task does not look as flawless and smooth as before the damage.

The greater the damages the deeper the scarring. Sometimes, deep break out that may take a really long time to repair, may also increase the scopes of getting scars.

How to prevent the scars of acne and pimples?

Though you cannot prevent scarring completely, the steps mentioned below can reduce your chances of having acne scars. Here are some make up options you should consider after your acne correction procedure.

Try to reduce inflammation

Large blemishes that are inflamed can usually leave scars than those noninflamed blackheads and breakouts. So, always try to calm the inflamed areas and do not try anything that can irritate the skin. Also, remember to avoid harsh skincare items and scrubbing forcefully.

Treat the acne and pimples at the early stage

Another good thing you can do is to treat your acne as soon as possible. See your healthcare expert immediately if the acne isn’t going to get better with several treatments.

Quick treatment is a good thing as it can help to keep the breakouts to a minor stage and prevent them from becoming a severe issue. So, prevent acne and pimples to prevent scars.

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Don’t pop or squeeze the pimples

Resist the temptation to squeeze your pimple. Squeezing the pimples can force the dermis much deeper, spreading the infection to the healthy tissues and making the inflammation worse.

See your healthcare expert

In some cases, it is better to consult an expert before choosing any acne scar treatment. Effective and immediate treatment can help you to save your skin from developing any scars.

Thus, proper and quick acne scar treatment along with the help of an expert can easily help you to successfully prevent the scars of acne and pimples.

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