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Islam is a peaceful and easy religion to practice. The religion of Islam does not support the agenda of relationships before marriage. That’s why it is said in the Quran and Sunnah to get married. The act of marriage is the happiest and most holy act to bring two souls that love each other forever. They should respectfully approach the family of the person they want to marry and tie the knot. It is an event of happiness and love that brings two families and two souls together in a friendly and holy bonding. For someone interested in marriage, there are two ways to opt, you have to do nikkah first, and after the nikkah, according to the Sunnah, the peaceful ceremony of walima. It is essential to know about the knowledge of both acts and implement them in your life to embrace the love towards culture.

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What is walima?

Walima is the other and second traditional act in the marriage. It plays a vital role in Islamic traditions or Islamic culture. The walima ceremony is the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad; peace be upon him. As in Islam, you can say that as in Islam, it stated clearly that nikkah should practice in a very simple way with only just the immediate family of both bride and groom. So walima can be a ceremony where you can celebrate your happiness and the most important relationship of your life, with your close family and friends. Allah Almighty loves that the ceremony should be held according to Sunnah with simplicity and love.

How should Muslims celebrate walima?

As the importance of walima is very much in Islam. The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, himself had walimas after his nikkah ceremonies, and he used to serve the guest simply with bread and meat. So many Islamic scholars have different thoughts about walima. Some of them say that it must be immediately conducted after the nikkah ceremony; some believe that they should wait and celebrate walima after the nikkah. However, you can celebrate walima after the nikkah or the day after the nikkah. It depends on you. Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, has said that you can celebrate walima after two days of nikkah.

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Celebration of walima

According to the culture and rituals, the groom has to organize and plan the whole event and invite the relative’s close friends and family of the bride to this ceremony. You can also ask the religious-cultural community they can also attend the event of walima. It is loved in Islam that everyone invited to this event of happiness should accept the invitation of walima with the whole heart and join the ceremony. It depends on how much time they want to stay if they’re going to eat or not. In Islam, it is encouraged that the ceremony should be simple. Few things are guided as well to avoid in the walima ceremony, which is, demanding presents, showing off the bride, asking for money from the bride side. As long as these types of customs are maintained, the religion of Islam will be secured, and the traditions and culture will remain forever.


Islam does not allow showing off the wealth and spending extra on events. Islam is the right religion and very easy to practice. The walima ceremony in Islam is the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad. The Prophet used to hold the walima ceremony after his nikkah, and he used to serve the guests meat and bread. The ritual of walima is owned by the groom’s side without any issue. It should be an intimate ceremony with all the loved ones, and there should not be the idea of spending the money more.

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