Washing Different Types of Wigs | All You Need to Know


Wigs are immaculate, and good things need extra care for maintenance. If you are a daily wig wearer, you are right to think of washing it. Regular washing of wigs is mandatory if you want to get them with a fresh look. The washing and proper care of wigs increase their lifespan and confidence. But you must know the right method to wash your wigs by considering their sort.

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Types of Wigs

Based on the material or basic root, there are two types of wigs!

1.      Human Hair Wigs

These wigs are easily maintained and of high-quality like human hair bob wigs. The wig hair will not grow again, or the replacement hair will not adjust back, so try to treat it gently. You can wash it in the following ways!

  • Use the specifically designed human hair wig shampoo to nourish it. It will clean the wig and its cap with sweating and debris just like u part wig human hair.

2.      Synthetic Wigs

They are generated to look just like human hair wigs. They need extra care for cleaning it as:

  • Specifically generated products or chemicals are there to wash the synthetic wigs. Try to avoid the hairspray on these wigs that damage the fibers and reduce their shine or freshness, i.e., frontal lace wigs.

Accurate Method to Wash Wigs

Follow the given steps to wash the wigs perfectly, which will ensure the quality of your wigs!

  • Gently comb the wig before turning on the tap. Use your fingers in case of a curling wig to remove the tangles instead of tearing them by the comb.
  • Fill the bowl or sink with cold water to dip the wig and avoid using the hot water to damage the wig fibers. Add a few drops of wig shampoo to the bowl.
  • Hold the wig and slowly place your hands inside the cap to turn it inside out. It’s time to dip your wig in the water and swirl it for five minutes. Now let it soak for a bit of time for deep cleaning.
  • Bring the wig out now from the soapy water after five minutes and drain the water now. Make the sink free now and on the tap with cold water until the water becomes clear.
  • Apply the wig conditioner on your wig with soft hands combing inside it. Leave it for two minutes in the clean sink and let the conditioner show its magical shine in the wig.
  • Rinse the wig under cold water until the water gets clear.
  • Wrap your wig in a soft towel and squeeze it so gently to absorb all the excessive water.
  • Spritz the wig spray on it and leave it to stay on the wig stand to let it dry.
  • Dry the wig for combing and styling.


The washing session is compulsory if you want to maintain the quality and span of your wigs. Try to wash it per week or after 12 days, or the span depends on your daily routine or activities. The exposure to pollution, dust, and level of sweating will decide the period of washing it. Follow the given steps to wash the wig properly to prevent it from many risks of destruction. If looking for the best wig sellers selling frontal lace wigs, human hair wigs, U part wig human hair, etc., contact Luvme Hair!

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