What Are the Important Topics to Be Covered Under UGC-NET Syllabus?


University Grant Commission-National Entrance Test is the acronym for UGC-NET. It is held twice a year, in June (3rd week) and December (3rd week), and is administered by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on behalf of the UGC. 

In numerous sectors of Science & Technology, the concepts of  UGC NET Syllabus  are fundamentally used for conducting higher-level research in university departments, Institutes of National Importance, National Laboratories and Institutes of CSIR. Those who pass the UGC-NET test are offered either a JRF or a Lectureship. Clearing this important exam can be quite easy with BYJU’s Exam Prep. They offer well-researched content for each subject with 100% accuracy. 

Advantages of qualifying for the CSIR NET

Qualifying the UGC NET Exam  opens doorways for a number of career opportunities for a candidate. Coaching in any Indian university or institution requires the UGC/CSIR LS (NET) certificate. Students who meet the requirements for a JRF position are also eligible for a lectureship. Furthermore, a JRF certificate is more valuable since JRF students receive a stipend of Rs. 31,000 p.m for two years. 

After two years as a JRF, if the fellow registers for a PhD, the fellowship is raised to SRF (NET), and the salary is increased to Rs. 28,000/- p.m. for the third and subsequent years.

UGC NET Syllabus

The officials have made the UGC NET Syllabus available on the internet. Applicants need to understand the syllabus thoroughly to take the test. The Junior Research Fellowship Program (JRF) and lectureship eligibility are determined through UBC NET. 

The test is held in 91 cities for 84 courses, with specific syllabuses for each subject. National Talent Agency, i.e., NTA, has already issued the syllabus for UGC NET. Therefore, candidates studying for the UGC NET test should follow the NTA’s recommended syllabus.

Important topics to cover for UGC-NET

The following are some key topics of the UGC NET curriculum that candidates should be aware of:

  • The UGC NET test will be divided into two halves.
  • In Paper 1 of UGC NET, there are 50 objective questions in total, which generally belong to teaching or research aptitude.
  • The second paper, Paper 2 of UGC NET, will have another set of 100 objective questions within the scope of the candidate’s specialisation.
  • Choice of 84 specialised subjects is given to each candidate for the UGC NET exam.

The below list contains the major topics and subjects to cover in Paper 1:

Paper 1: (A) General paper 

  • Research Aptitude & Teaching
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Teaching Aptitude
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Research Aptitude
  • Communication
  • People and Environment
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Reasoning (including mathematical
  • Data Interpretation
  • Higher Education System

Paper 2 is more subject-specific and hence is designed differently for the aspirants. But similar to Paper 1, it is also MCQ based. It has a total of 100 questions to be answered in 180 minutes. Two marks are rewarded for every correct answer, while no marks are deducted for not answering a question or for answering any incorrectly.

Some of the essential topics a candidate can select for Paper 2 are:

1.       English

2.       Commerce

3.       Law

4.       Education

If students follow the most critical topics mentioned above, they will undoubtedly be well prepared on test day. When combined with their knowledge of their chosen subject for Paper 2, they should breeze through the exam. All they need is a strong desire to achieve and the willingness to put in the necessary effort. BYJU’s Exam Prep can be the right partner for your exam. Its self-explanatory training kit will help you be ready to face this exam. 

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