What Are the Signs to Check in a Man for Mommy Issues?


Mommy issues, in its most basic definition, are problems that an adult takes into adulthood from childhood due to the relationship with their mother. Although we typically associate this phrase with men, mother issues can occasionally affect women as well.

Typically, a guy with mommy issues falls somewhere between these two extremes:

  • He is either attached to his mother extremely
  • It can also be just the opposite like he is totally detached from her.

None of the above scenarios can be ideal as they are not very healthy for the guy, and also for the girl who is dating him.Such mommy issues in men can make the life of his partner miserable.

Before you date with your man you must ensure whether he has any mommy issue or not. However, how will you know that? The following are a few signs that you must try to observe in your man to check whether he is a victim of mommy issues.

  • Constantly contacts his mommy
  • Avoids doing anything that will relate with his mom
  • He is always suspicious and insecure
  • He is often disrespectful to women
  • He can be a big cheater
  • He may always think that you will hurt him
  • He feels he always needs a royal treatment
  • He will be ready to do anything his mother says
  • She is the most favorite person in his world
  • He will not be interested in sex with you
  • You may often catch him just staring at men
  • He talks too dirty during the sex
  • He often flirts with men
  • He likes more butt play
  • Many of his friends are gay
  • He enjoys the men’s attention more than women
  • He enjoys gay porn
  • He offers a lot of gifts to his male friends
  • Often indulges in secret conversations with other men
  • He prefers not to talk anything about other gay men
  • He often likes to visit his men friend’s place
  • He is very touchy with another man
  • You walk in and feel something fishy that you are not sure about
  • Observe how he talks about women – if he talks more about her dress rather than her body then you must suspect
  • He is always secretive about his friends
  • His Internet history will be foggy
  • He has certain questionable sex toys
  • Sexuality matters to him
  • He has got a secretive social media life
  • He had a certain past sexual experience with any man

What you should do if you notice any of these signs on your man?

  • Be supportive
  • Don’t blame yourself
  • Talk to friends and family
  • Avoid offering him to set up with men
  • Don’t make an attempt to change his mind
  • Don’t cut him completely out of your life

By handling your man tactfully, it is possible to handle your man if he has got any mommy issues. Men’s lives are greatly impacted by mother issues, and their partners’ life are made even more challenging. Many men and women go through entire relationships or live their entire lives without even realizing what they are going through.

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