What Is Mint?


Mint has long brought its bright taste and aroma to liquids and dishes, in particular in Balkan and Middle Eastern cuisine. The clean or dried leaves are used as a factor, whilst the crucial oil is extracted as a flavoring and aroma. Young leaves are harvested constantly from spring to fall, however, mint can also be grown indoors and is therefore to be had 12 months-spherical. Mint is utilized in a selection of savory baked treats, savory sauces, and liquids, from hot mint tea to chill mint juleps and mojitos.

Mint is a fragrant herb produced via one-of-a-kind species of the mint plant (Mentha). Native to the Japanese Mediterranean, mint gets its call from a legendary nymph named Minthe (Mintho). After having an affair with Pluto, the god of the underworld, the jealous Persephone became her right into a lowly mint plant. The mint plant is common and a favorite of many gardeners, so it’s clean to grow yourself. As an herb, it’s miles gluten-loose and suitable for vegetarian, vegan, and paleo diets.

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Peppermint and curly peppermint are the most typically grown types for use as herbs in cooking and drinks. Peppermint is a touch too sturdy to be used fresh for most culinary purposes. Instead, it is grown and processed into peppermint oil, which is then used as a flavoring, and may be in addition delicate into a menthol.

You can locate different kinds of mint that have exciting tastes and aromas. Apple mint has an apple aroma; Orange mint has a sour taste; Chocolate Mint has a moderate chocolate flavor.

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Mint is sweet in flavor and has a cooling effect on the tongue. Peppermint has a more potent taste with an extra menthol flavor. Fresh leaves have the most flavor and aroma, and at the same time as dried mint leaves have very little.


Fresh mint leaves are normally cut into ribbons (chiffonade) and delivered to dishes. A stalk with a few soft leaves is placed in hot or cold drinks and can be overwhelmed (dirt) to provide greater flavor. Dried mint leaves can be delivered to sauces or stews when boiled. Mint extract is used to flavor mint-flavored baked goods or confections or hot chocolate.


Mint traditionally complements lamb and chicken. It is extensively used in Middle Eastern and Greek delicacies, including salads, side dishes, and sauces. Fresh mint is a fave for natural teas.


In the house, mint has long been used as an aromatic. As an herb, it was scattered across the house as a deodorizer. Today, it’s miles commonly utilized in sachets and potpourris. Some soap makers add small amounts of dried mint to their cleaning soap, whilst peppermint oil is from time to time utilized in aromatherapy to enhance alertness.

In Which To Buy

Fresh mint may be discovered inside the product segment of supermarkets, along with different clean herbs. Dried mint is offered within the spice phase. Look for Peppermint and Peppermint Extract inside the Baking phase.

Mint plant life is very clean to grow. The plants enjoy moist soil and tolerate the most colors. Most mints are perennials. When planted in a terrific area, the herb will go back 12 months after a year. In reality, many gardeners locate that mint is so clean to develop that they just can not dispose of it each time they want. It likes to spread while it’s in a good vicinity, so plan, therefore.

A Way To Make Your Own Dried Mint

You can dry fresh mint, whether or not it’s out of your garden or bought in bunches at the farmers’ marketplace. Simply reduce long sprigs of mint, tie them into bundles and grasp them upside down. Once dry, remove the leaves and keep them in a glass jar or sealed plastic bag. This permits you to revel in your mint 12 months-spherical.


Store fresh mint within the refrigerator or vicinity of the stem in a container of water and cowl the leaves with a plastic bag. Dried mint must be saved in a sealed jar in a groovy, darkish place.

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