What It’s Like to Ride an Electric Bike


As people collectively become more aware of humanity’s effect on the environment, we find ourselves looking for ways to be more sustainable. A growing way to reduce your carbon footprint is to use Electrical Bikes, also known as e-bikes, over cars or even public transportation. E-bikes are unique as they utilize a motor that can pedal-assist your bike so each movement you put into the bike the motor matches with power, or a power throttle where pedaling is not needed.

But many people still have questions about this helpful tool. One is, what does it feel like to ride an electrical bike? It is not easy to describe how it feels to actually ride a bike (it’s best to understand this by trying it out yourself!). Yet you can get a ‘feel’ for the bike by learning a bit more about it! Read on to learn about electrical bikes and what it can feel like to ride one.

Basics of an Electric Bike

The structure of an electric bike is almost identical to the standard bike we all know and love. A good electric bicycle starts with a torque sensor that measures how hard you push on the pedals. You set a power level, from low assistance to high, and your electric-assist bicycle gives you power in proportion to your pedaling. So it does not necessarily replace your pedaling, but matched the power you give in to help you ride faster.

The other form of electric bike is the throttle. These power-on-demand bikes use a throttle on the handlebars to engage the electric motor when used. You don’t have to pedal with these bikes, but it does mean that the battery will run out sooner. 

Many people describe the feeling of this pedal-assist as freeing! It allows you to maintain control and exercise but still gives you extra power so you can go further and faster. The motors themselves are small and relatively simple. They can use as little as 250 watts to boost up your strength and speed. 

These battery motors also can last a long time, with only a 1-4 hour charge getting you anywhere from 20-70+ miles! All of these features do depend on the model and type of electric bicycle, but this is generally what you can expect to see if you are looking to ride a bike for the day or purchase one yourself.

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Useful Features

There are many elements to the electric bike that makes it as useful as it is versatile. Here are some common features within e-bikes that make riding one fun and easy:

Smartphone Integration – People like having their devices connected to everything they use. And it is no different with electric bikes! Several models contain Bluetooth connectivity. This means you can have maps, health tracking, and other features sent directly to your phone. Some even have safety apps, so you can unlock your bike personally from your phone.

Built-In Security – Electric bikes can be more expensive than standard ones, so security is important to keep your bike safe. These days many bikes come with security features, so you do not have to carry locks with you every time you take yourself for a ride. Some electric bikes come with rear-wheel locks, which you can attach to the frame. Others may have locks on the battery that you can match to a bike lock through a key.

Efficient Motors – A great way to be sustainable is to be efficient because it means less waste and less money spent on replacing things that don’t last long. Electric bikes have been developed over the years to enhance the efficiency of their motors. And they are now up to a point where a single battery can last from three to four years.

Speed Controlled – This essentially means that you can never go too fast. Since the bike helps you go faster, through pedal-assist or throttle, you can get up to some exciting speeds based on the terrain. But the bikes often cap off the speed and do not allow you to go faster than 20 miles per hour. This is a great safety measure as it helps you from accelerating out of control along with maintaining yourself within lawful guidelines.

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Why are E-bikes so Popular?

The answer to this is simple, they are an incredibly helpful product that makes people feel good through exercise and the lessening impact on the environment. Electric bikes have evolved quickly to become the fastest-growing electric vehicle on the planet because they serve many best e-bikes to fit the needs and lifestyles of everyone

For those looking to add exercise into their routine but find a traditional bike too exhausting, the electrical bike helps people stay mobile without using all their energy. Or if you have a quick commute to work, you can cut down on waiting in traffic by biking to work. Even still if you are looking to lessen your impact on the environment and live in an urban area, an e-bike is an amazing alternative. 

Electric bikes are also popular for tourism, as they allow people of all abilities and ages to explore cities and even go mountain biking. It is because of all these applications that the e-bike is growing in use every year. But it is not only their versatility that makes them so popular but their usability too.

If these bikes were loud, clunky, and hard to maneuver, would they be very popular with so many different people? The answer is likely no. Riding an e-bike is easy breezy and only takes as much maintenance as a regular bike would. And the affordability of e-bikes makes them accessible to many.


There are a great variety of great aspects to using an electric bike. Whether it is for practicality or because you are trying to achieve a new goal, e-bikes are a great tool for anyone. They are simple and easy to use as they give you a little extra push in your daily routine!

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