3 Updates To Make to Your Grocery Store Right Now


Selling food and other useful products may be the primary goal of your grocery store, but without a good customer experience, no one is going to want to come back time and time again for those products. Having regulars can be helpful in the grocery business, and making changes to your store can help regulars feel welcomed and constantly updated. If you want to make some changes, here are places you can start.

1. Ease of Shopping

Buying products is the primary goal of any grocery shopper, and nothing should get in the way of that. Consider walking through your store and figuring out what doesn’t work from a patron’s perspective. If your carts roll too freely or get away from patrons, you could invest in locking casters instead of the previous wheels. Few things are more important to a grocery shopper than a good cart, and the better you can make your carts, the better your patrons are likely to feel. You can also upgrade your point of sale system at checkout or purchase better card readers to further improve patron experiences.

2. Look of the Store

If people pass your store and think it looks dingy or dirty, they might be less likely to stop in and shop. New paint or finish on the inside or outside of your store can make a huge difference. In addition, consider the lighting on or in your signage and make sure it’s bright or cheerful. Small repairs can make a huge difference in attracting people to your store.

3. Location of Products

Giving your store and products a new feel can start before you even change the overall layout. Instead, start by upgrading your shelving and storage. Wider, bigger or more open shelves can give your store a whole new feel without having to move a single item. You can also move products between different end cap displays and mid-aisle units to give the feeling of change in your store. If you want to create big layout changes, instead of just jumping into things, map out the current customer experience. After that, you’ll know the best things to change quickly.

Making changes and upgrades to your grocery store from time to time can help customers feel happier and more at home. Simple changes can be highly effective in bringing people back year after year. Consider these changes to make a big impact.

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