What To Do After A Hit And Run Accident


A hit-and-run accident can enrage a person. It can be very upsetting to acquire injuries and vehicle damage because of another man’s negligence and then not even get compensation for it. It is normal to feel helpless and hopeless when the guilty run away, leaving no trace. However, you can still protect your rights. 

Hitting and running is a criminal offense. When an accident occurs, all the parties involved must stop at the accident scene and exchange contact information. One party should call the ambulance for the other if they need it. However, if they run away, they have committed a crime. If the guilty man has run away from an accident scene, you can seek help from a Salem Oregon personal injury lawyer.

What to do after a hit-and-run accident? 

  1. Try to remember the details of the other car. 

We understand that in the case of hit and run, it can be nearly impossible to remember the details of the car. But, if you get the chance to see the car properly, try to remember the brand, model, color, license plate of the car. Recall whether there was only the driver in the vehicle or there were passengers as well. 

  1. Call the police. 

You must call the police to the accident site after any car accident. Even if no one is severely injured and your vehicle is in working condition, you should still inform law enforcement about the incident. The police can arrive at the scene, take notes of the accident, speak to witnesses, and create a report. This report is crucial for proving negligence in legal matters. You or your attorney can later obtain a copy of this report by contacting the police department. 

  1. Contact your insurer. 

After you have noted down some vital information and called the police to the accident site, you need to call your insurer and inform them about your accident. When it comes to insurance, it is better to make the call as soon as possible. Even if you wish to use the liable party’s insurance as compensation for your damages, you should still file a claim with your own insurer just in case. 

  1. Seek medical care. 

If your injuries are so severe that you are not able to move your body, you should not waste any time and seek help as soon as possible. Make a call for an ambulance or ask nearby witnesses to make the call for you. Seeking medical care is essential even if your injuries are not severe. Documenting your injuries immediately after the accident helps you and your attorney understand the extent of your injuries while they are still fresh. This also helps in calculating compensation.

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