Limbo and inside have become wellsprings of motivation for some autonomous engineers. Here and there the reverences end up being fruitful, similar to the little game nightmares, now and then they are acceptable, similar to black the fall. The new white shadows from the studio moniker have a place rather with the main classification, and it is all seriously astounding that this is the introduction game for the group. A filigree work that stays in the memory for quite a while and makes you need not exclusively to encourage it to everybody and everybody, yet in addition sometime to get back to it and remember this experience once more.

We are not wanted here

The game promptly cautions about the themes that will be brought up in it. Here and bigotry, and xenophobia, and brutality with constrained work. There is likewise savagery to creatures: every one of the characters here is an agent of the fauna. Wolves, pigs, rodents – “all creatures are equivalent”, as banners and neon signs say. Everybody except birds: they are viewed as transporters of a wide range of contamination and try to either obliterate or “change”. Albeit a few different creatures in this universe don’t have a place with the highest point of the social pyramid.

We control one of the birds, a crow, attempting to change position and track down a spot for itself in this general public. That is, the subjects uncovered in white shadows are much clearer than in something very similar inside. On the off chance that you would rather avoid there that you need to think a ton, then, at that point, here everything is pretty much self-evident: a tragic state where social disparity rules, and a desolate legend confronting foul play and a gigantic demeanor towards him and his like.

The subject of purposeful publicity, obviously, likewise comes up.

Maybe the equals to this present reality are some of the time excessively solid: the “crows are liable” banner, the “they merit it” sign, the steady updates that “light is life” and the expression “a decent bird is a dead bird.” but such an exaggeration appears to be fitting – it doesn’t transform the game into a pointlessly discouraging story, at times, in any event, proposing to grin at the ridiculousness of what’s going on.

The engineers splendidly convey the size of the city, permitting the virtual administrator to exhibit again and again the way that little our jackdaw is contrasted with all the other things. A processing plant where creation goes on relentless, long lines and wires, enormous lines of similar pariahs as the hero … At the point when you run past the rails, the creators fire up colossal trains that rush past the legend with a stunning sound – the difference is splendidly conveyed. To show a great deal of enlivened articles or animals on the screen in certain episodes, the makers didn’t deliver the game on more established consoles – a little group would need to spend a ton of assets on streamlining.

“Also I’m so small…” To the littlest detail

There are numerous minutes in white shadows that dazzle with the nature of detail, and it appears to be that each casing has been offered extraordinary consideration. How might the light from the searchlights of safety drones fall, how far will the camera move during a long run starting with one corner then onto the next, what music will turn on in a specific episode? The whole soundtrack comprises of exemplary arrangements – from the trite Wagnerian “ride of the ” to the unforeseen “on the beautiful blue Danube” by Strauss. Along with the sound plan, which makes every episode frightfully air, it turns out very nearly a goldsmith’s work, which never burns out in over three hours.

In such episodes, the music is particularly great.

The interactivity keeps up with interest similarly as well. Someplace you want to settle a straightforward however fascinating riddle. Someplace – to go through a hindrance course, during which you would rather not swear given awkward controls, as is typically the situation. Someplace you should utilize the assistance of different animals – one more motivation to recall inside (here this episode takes significantly less time). 

There are a ton of cool thoughts here, which you don’t expect by any stretch of the imagination from the presentation undertaking of an obscure studio. I won’t give models – I intentionally didn’t embed screen captures from the last part of the gclub88888 game into the article, so as not to pamper the impression.

You become accustomed to the visual style rapidly – at first, it seems like acting, an endeavor to stick out, however over the long haul, this game becomes difficult to envision without it. The monochrome range impeccably conveys the bleak environment, and neon signs with questionable mottos stand out without fail. Without brilliant tones, the climate doesn’t turn out to be less definite, and everything is good to go with development – you would even prefer not to search for defects.


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