Advantages of Klaviyo for Ecommerce Email Marketing


If you own an ecommerce business, you would be well aware of the power of 1000 email subscribers. However, if you haven’t harnessed the power of your email subscribers until now, here are some advantages of Klaviyo ecommerce email marketing. 

Email marketing is a highly valuable marketing tool; however, you need EMG Klaviyo experts to do it professionally. Here are some benefits shared by EMG Klaviyo experts for ecommerce email marketing using Klaviyo.

Selecting an Email CRM for ecommerce

When you talk about selecting an email CRM for your ecommerce venture, there are several platforms specially designed for it. Zoho, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor have one thing in common; none were designed for ecommerce.

They have been forced to adapt, and additional software services are provided to service the email requirements. This is why it is recommended for ecommerce owners to move to Klaviyo as it is specifically crafted for ecommerce. 

There is no adaption, and it was built major to meet the email requirements of an ecommerce store.

Advantages of Klaviyo Ecommerce Email Marketing

No matter you use Shopify or Woo Commerce, if you own an ecommerce portal, and want to pick the best CRM for your business, read on:

  1. More than 10,000 Shopify stores are using Klaviyo

Over 10,000 Shopify stores are using Klaviyo, and over 46% have witnessed an increment in their earnings from email marketing. The best thing is that there is no need to have a marketing background for it. There is no technical skill required. The switch is simple and convenient.

  1. Facebook and Klaviyo together

Another amazing advantage of Klaviyo is that it assimilates with Facebook’s dynamic audiences. For instance, you can take events from Klaviyo like checking an email in so many days, subscribing to a service, or tapping on a link and retargeting the users on Facebook in real-time.

  1. Enhanced Audience Segmentation of Klaviyo

It is a major reason why ecommerce clients haven’t been impacted with the iOS14 update while promoting on Facebook.

Klaviyo lets users who have specific coupon codes, placed orders before or added to cart or witnessed items create targeted marketing campaigns depending on the journey of the customer, leading to a customized experience.

  1. Better analysis

Klaviyo provides amazing reporting and data analysis in a simple format, allowing you to enhance your mails and their flow depending on the available insights.

It offers standard data to set your baseline in your industry and assess your results against yours. The data is very helpful to craft appealing marketing tactics.

  1. A wide number of template options

Klaviyo offers a wide range of templates and design alternatives. You can use customizable options too. Your email will appear more like a pro online store email. With more than 70 templates available, you can make your portal appear like a brand and nothing less.

So, if you hire a competent and reliable EMG Klaviyo expert, they will guide you through the whole process, making email marketing effective and highly beneficial for you.

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