Why is Custom Packaging Good for the Planet & Your Business?


Our environment has reached the point where we must take action now to save the planet. With extreme temperatures causing wildfires and floods, we cannot really afford to be careless anymore. Action needs to be taken immediately. But, what are you doing in order to play your role in this movement? If you wish to contribute to this movement somehow then don’t worry, we have the right answer for you. This article will help you understand how custom packaging is actually a very economic and environmentally-friendly option for your brand.

Reduced Pollution and Carbon Footprint

Custom packaging does not only mean being able to customize colours and styles. It gives you full control over the material you use for your boxes. Why not make use of recyclable material. Opt for green packaging, this will help reduce the pollution caused by polythene plastics. You could go for a wide range of material including cardboard. This material consists of organic materials which allow it to decompose easily, unlike several single-use plastics being used right now. These plastics take close to 500 years to decompose properly- causing irreparable damages to the environment.

Product Appropriate Storage & Packaging

One of the main reasons why single-use plastic should not be allowed to exist is the fact that it is not multi-purpose. After just one use, it is as good as nothing. Consumers throw it away without a second thought. Your company should focus on having such packaging that it attracts the customers. This could be either because of a unique storage design or the fact that product marketing is done very effectively. This brings us to our second point- packaging should be according to the product. This plays a very important role in today’s era where losing a sense of direction has become very easy. Businesses need to make sure that the design they are following compliments their product. They should not add extra layers and material as it is only considered wasteful. This technique would help you save thousands and millions a year easily.

Eco-Friendly Process & Product

Although several products boast of being environment-friendly, their packaging or building process is often very harmful. With an eco-friendly process, you will be making sure that there are no toxic gases being created that might adversely affect the planet or its population. With an easily reusable or recyclable product you will be benefiting the planet at a very large scale. Eco-friendly packaging would also help in establishing your credibility as a brand in the market. This could be used as a tool to gather more customers and enhance the brand’s approach.


As mentioned earlier, ‘green packaging’ often is made up of recycled material. This goes to several processes of recycling in order for them to not be wasted. The recycling certainly makes the product less-expensive. This is also a wise choice in the current economic state. Along with this, custom packaging is built specifically for a product or item. Thus, no extra material is being used or wasted. This automatically cuts down the pricing of the packaging.

More Attractive

Custom packaging allows you the freedom of choosing whatever colour you like, on whatever material you like e.g. custom rigid boxes, cardboard boxes, Kraft boxes etc. This would help your brand become vastly more attractive. Use this feature to stand out from your competition in the market. Your responsible business practices and ‘green packaging’ would also make the brand more attractive and appealing to the customers.

Custom Packaging boxes

The above mentioned features are the benefit of ‘green packaging’ to your brand and its image in the public eye.  Not only this, with responsible practices you would be able to do your part in saving the planet. Studies have estimated that a ton of recycled cardboard saves around seven thousand gallons of water. This same ton saves more than a dozen trees. Your brand could play an important role in saving the planet with its custom packaging!

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