Why Use Face Mask Filters! How do they Protect Us?


Since the emergence of COVID-19 as a pandemic, face masks have become an essential part of everyone’s life. Wherever, we go, we have to wear a face mask. So, whether you are going to a public place or a private function face masks are available in different varieties. And different e-commerce websites like Paragon sell different types of face masks. If you are looking to try different things then you should check out their collection 

With the frequent use of face masks, it is bad for the environment to use a new mask every time.  For this reason, face masks made with multiple layers of cloth or denim are popular which can be washable and reusable. But face masks made with cloth cannot stop the spread of the virus effectively if they are made with thin or single layer fabric material. They can only stop large droplets from sneezing and larger particles. To stop smaller particles, this is where you need face mask filters.

Face Mask Filters Prevent You from The Virus

Health is the utmost priority of everyone during this pandemic. People try their best not to get infected with the virus and continue their routine work. When it comes to the effectiveness of face masks, is it necessary to wear them and why use face mask filters?

So, a face mask with filters becomes important as they give you more protection as you go about your business. By using a filter in your facemask, it ultimately increases the protection from your mask and therefore decreases the number of particles that can reach you.

Another way of looking at it is, if you want to protect others from getting viruses you wear a face mask but when you want yourself to be protected from a virus you use face mask with a filter like an n95 mask. According to a study on the efficacy of masks, larger particles can be contained with most types of face mask but when it comes to aerosol small-sized particles, the mask filters play a pivotal role in stopping virus getting into your body.

The quality of the filter decreases slowly as we to use it again and again. The more we use it, it will catch more particles and becomes less effective. A face mask filter has a life of 3 days but it can be used for 7 days if there is a shortage of filters. The question that comes to the mind of many is whether face mask filters can be reused? The answer is simply no, and this is because you have to discard it if you want to be effectively protected from viruses.

Summing up, 

A face mask works quite effectively without filters and stop large particles. As we know face masks made with clothing are not that efficient and using filters with them becomes inevitable. Face masks with good quality can protect you as well, like surgical masks they can stop larger particles but they cannot stop small particles from entering into your body through breathing.

Face masks when used with filters lessen the chances of virus transmission. Moreover, if we look around, not everyone has the symptoms of the virus thus we should keep in mind that “Prevention is better than cure”.

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