Tired of leasing a home? Here is why you should look at Austin, Texas homes for sale


If you’re considering leasing a house, this can be a good short-term option. However, if you are pretty sure that you are going to be in one space for a long time – like over one year – it can be better for your mental state and your wallet to consider buying! Since renting can be more expensive in the long run and you are not gaining any ownership, in the end, it can actually lead you to waste your money on a house. Instead, consider buying a house when you are looking to move.

But where should you look to move? If you are considering moving somewhere with a vibrant, fun, and electric city, then we recommend browsing Austin, Texas homes for sale. In comparison to other Texas cities that are more conservative and traditional, Austin has a great influx of expats that bring a creative and artistic vibe to the city. Consider moving here if you want a change of pace and you want to explore a liberal and democratic point of view.

Let’s see why you should consider buying Austin, Texas homes for sale from Bramlett Residential instead of leasing!

The benefits of buying Austin, Texas homes for sale vs. leasing!

If you are currently in the market to buy a house, you might have started looking at Austin, Texas homes for sale – and we can help you! This vibrant and fun city is one of the best up-and-coming spots in the entire United States. With many expats moving here to enjoy the artistic scene, democratic viewpoint, liberal attitude, and great outdoor spaces, this is the best of Texas and the best of the rest of the country mixed into one convenient location! 

But why should you consider buying a home here instead of leasing it? Isn’t this going to be spending more money in the long run? Actually, the answer is no! You would spend more money leasing – check out why you should look at Austin, Texas homes for sale instead of leasing!

Better long-term investment

One of the main benefits of buying Austin, Texas homes for sale is to have a better long-term investment. If you are going to be living in Austin for a long time – or you are thinking of buying a home and then renting it to other people – buying is the better choice than leasing. It will actually cost you less money in the long run to buy a house than it will pay the lease per month. 

Interest rates are low

The next reason that you should consider looking at Austin, Texas homes for sale is that the interest rates are very low compared to the previous prices. When compared to the previous few years, the interest rates are much lower than usual – meaning the market is ideal right now for you to look to buy a home. 

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Down payments are very inexpensive

The next reason to consider looking at Austin, Texas homes for sale is that the down payment is very low. When compared to spending tens of thousands on your down payment – which can wreck your current financial situation – you can just pay the minimum amount for a home. In some cases, this is even less than $1,000! 

Gain equity

The next benefit of choosing to look at Austin, Texas homes for sale is that you can gain equity. Since you will be buying the house and probably making some adjustments and renovations, or leaving the beautiful house as is, the price of the property will increase as the years go on. This means that you can gain around 2-5% in equity as the price of the home increases in value! 

The loan amounts will be higher

The last reason that you should consider looking to buy Austin, Texas homes for sale instead of leasing is that you can earn higher loan amounts than you have in the past. Since buying your first home can be expensive, the loan amounts can help you figure out how to spend the money on the down payment and the initial purchase without going bankrupt.


If you’re looking for long-term investment, saving money in the long run, and making smart decisions for your financial future, consider looking at Austin, Texas homes for sale instead of leasing! After all, Austin is an up-and-coming, vibrant, and fun city that is ideal for anyone – and everyone- to move to! 

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