WoW TBC Herbalism Guide


Follow the path and reach level 375 in this particular Profession. Afterward, you’ll also learn how to become one of the best Herbalists on your server.

Between the lines of this guide, you’ll learn a simple way to reach that Burning Crusade power leveling way. Many of the professions in this game generate a lot of WoW TBC Gold. If you’re a new player in the Classic servers, you’ll know how valuable is this currency. Overall, you require a lot of income to gather the right and powerful TBC Items.

Furthermore, to earn a considerable amount of Gold in a relatively short time, you need to reach the highest level. After all, the most complex TBC Items in the game require some components that the Herbalism Profession gathers. At the same time, you can use Herbalism as the vital support for your primary Profession. For example, Alchemy requires a lot of materials from the plants of this fantasy world.

Without further ado, let’s discuss how to reach the highest level of Herbalism in WoW TBC.

WoW TBC Herbalism Guide

How does Herbalism work?

Before dwelling in the plant world, you need to learn how to activate this Profession in your character. First of all, you’ll need to find the Herbalism Trainer in WoW Classic TBC. To achieve this task, you can ask any Guard from the main cities, and you’ll see the NPC (Non-Playable Character) on the map.

Secondly, you need to buy your “admission” with 3 Copper coins. Once you have everything sorted out, you will have Herbalism available in your character. Most noteworthy, you’ll need to redo these steps as you progress in the Herbalism tree. In other words, you’ll need to save some WoW TBC Gold to pay the continuous “fees.”

Now that you have Herbalism as a Profession looking for plants(herb nodes) is next. Overall is relatively easy since multiple plants appear in random places on the Azeroth’s maps. Move closer to any resource and use your right-click to harvest their contents. Above all, each time you complete this task, you’ll receive a good amount of experience.

Leveling WoW TBC Herbalism Profession

To obtain one Herbalism level, you’ll need to verify the color of the herb node:

  • If the herb node is Orange: You’ll get the point when you gather the materials from the node.
  • If the herb node is Yellow: There’s a higher percentage in obtaining a level from that particular plant.
  • If the herb node is Green:You’ll have a lower chance to get a new point when you gather the ingredients of thatherb.
  • If the herb node is Grey: No matter what you’ll do, there’s no way to acquire another level from the herb node.

Now that you know how the TBC power leveling works, you can follow these steps and move around the closest maps when you only see grey herb nodes. To reach level 375, you need to “farm” these plants:

  • From 1 to 50: Gather Peacebloom and Silverleaf.
  • From 51 to 75: Gather Earthroot and Mageroyal.
  • From 76 to 100: Gather Briarthorn.
  • From 101 to 115: Gather Bruiseweed.
  • From 116 to 125: Gather Wild Steelbloom.
  • From 126 to 160: Gather Kingsblood.
  • From 161 to 185: Gather Fadeleaf.
  • From 186 to 205: Gather Khadgar’s Whisker.
  • From 206 to 230: Gather Firebloom.
  • From 231 to 250: Gather Sungrass.
  • From 251 to 270: Gather Gromsblood.
  • From 271 to 285: Gather Dreamfoil.
  • From 286 to 300: Gather Plaguebloom.
  • From 300 to 375: Gather all the plants on the Outlands maps and follow the level requirements from each zone.

Follow-Up Profession

Indeed, the best option to pair Herbalism is the Alchemy Profession. Instead of wasting too much income on TBC Items, you can gather the ingredients for your potions. Moreover, almost all of the starting recipes that you’ll find in Alchemy might help you in your journey. For example, you can always have a couple of health potions in your pocket and save yourself from challenging encounters.

At the same time, if you don’t want to increase your character’s effectiveness, you can pick Mining. With two “gathering” Professions, you can inflate your WoW TBC Gold in no time. Additionally, it is recommendable that you select these options with an alternative character. This new champion has the only task of gathering all the materials and selling them in the Auction House.

Which is the Best Race/Class for WoW TBC Herbalism

The Taurens have a passive racial trait that increases Herbalism by 15 points. In other words, this race comes with a handicap in this particular Profession. Therefore, you can have more options in gathering plants as you move across the different zones.

Now, one of the classes that make things easier for you is the Druid. One of their primary abilities is the option to transform into their mounts and gather materials without dismounting. Therefore, you can reduce the time as you move across the map at high speed. Moreover, the Rogues need some of the plants to use their skills.

Lastly, even though Alchemist looks “good” on any Warlock or Wizards, each Class has the potential to use “chemistry” properly. As a result, you can always opt to pick Herbalism on any character. Additionally, if you only want to sell the materials, you can choose anything (race or Class).

Wrapping Up

Even though this Profession doesn’t help you improve your character, it’s always a great option to have it. With the possibility of gathering materials from the herb nodes, you’ll always have other things to do in your journey.

Afterward, what you do with the materials, is up to you. On the one hand, you can become one of the most extraordinary Alchemists on your server and help yourself (and a Raid party). In contrast, you can sell all the materials and earn WoW TBC Gold without too much work.

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