When Do You Need To Replace Commercial Cooking Equipment?


Appliances can account for a majority of a restaurant’s assets, and since they are expensive to buy, it is necessary to keep them in periodic maintenance to ensure efficiency. A good thing about investing in commercial cooking equipment is that it can typically last anywhere between 10 – 12 years if you do routine checks.

With years of experience and being the best commercial appliance repair company in Seattle for years now, we can tell which equipment can be repaired or should better be replaced. This article will provide you with insights into when you should replace your commercial cooking equipment. 

High Maintenance Costs

As the kitchen equipment gets used every single day, the cost of keeping it maintained and working well starts to rise as well. Repair costs will begin to increase with time, and the equipment is depreciating more the longer it is being used.

You should keep an entry for each time a repair is made on the equipment and the total cost of getting that specific repair done. These figures, when added together, should enable you to understand if it is time to replace the equipment or keep repairing it.

Reduced Performance Of The Equipment

The efficiency of the equipment will start to wear out immediately when you get it from the store. Let’s say you have a deep freezer that has been working for over 5-8 years; it is unlikely that this freezer will still perform the same way it did several years before. This is true especially for equipment that has been repaired several times. 

To avoid lagging your operations behind, you should consider getting new commercial cooking equipment for your business. With the current attention span of a human being at its lowest, people will likely walk away if you are taking too long to prepare the food. Having new equipment would mean faster service delivery which results in more customers.

Growth Of The Business

Your business will grow over time and would need to upgrade to more state-of-the-art commercial cooking equipment. The saying goes, “growth is inevitable,” this growth would necessitate the need for more efficient ways of performing the same task but less often. This will help you serve more clients at the same or less time than you previously would.

Similarly, when a business needs to reorganize and reduce its operations, it may need to replace its current commercial cooking equipment for ones suiting them best. 

Lack Of Repair Tools In The Market

As we saw earlier, the equipment can last over a decade, meaning that with how fast technology is changing, there would be less to no access to the repair tools. When the equipment needs repair 8 or 10 years down the line, it becomes impossible to get any compatible parts.

Big Menu Changes

When your restaurant changes its menu and shifts to a completely different cuisine that requires different equipment, it is time to change. Most dealers would allow trade-ins which could save your business a tone of money and hassle when in this position. A good example would be a baking business that switches to dealing with meat. Equipment with freezing capabilities would be in high demand, as well as deep fryers.


Although safety is often overlooked, it holds importance just as other reasons listed above. When a piece of equipment poses a danger to the welfare of the workers, it should be replaced at all costs. It might be full of cracks, breakages, prone to fire, or have sharp edges; if it can’t be repaired, then it has to be replaced. Simple as that.

Things To Look For When Replacing Commercial Cooking Equipment

When you have decided to replace any of your equipment, you should check for the following factors before settling on a piece of equipment.

  • Business Needs – You should always buy equipment that rightly suits your business’ needs. It should not be too big or small to accommodate the number of clients served at your restaurant.
  • Certifications – Considering the different regulations overseeing the commercial cooking equipment market, you should only purchase equipment that is certified as legit. Go for more energy-saving options to help reduce your carbon emissions.
  • Price – You should never go for something your business cannot afford. It is better to have less expensive equipment that works than one that puts your business into extreme debt.
  • Warranty – Commercial cooking equipment is heavy duty with a huge price tag on them. Ensure the equipment has a warranty that protects you in case it fails to perform.

Knowing when to replace your commercial cooking equipment is important since you could save a ton of money from doing it sooner rather than later.

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