3 Top Ways to Get Cash to Operate Your Business


Running a business costs money. It requires investing in operations before seeing a profit, which can be a difficult position. Whether it’s to start a business, expand a business, take on a project, or another reason, most companies require money they don’t have at some point. If they do have it in savings or other avenues, they often don’t want to touch it as it could be needed for other ventures or to take care of emergency expenses.

Needing extra cash to operate a business is not uncommon, which is why there are several ways to make it happen without touching your savings. The following are three top options.

Asset Based Lending

Asset based lending is a great option to consider. It allows you to borrow the money you need against things like accounts receivable, equipment, inventory, and other options, depending on the lender.

And it is typically a revolving line of credit, allowing you to repay and reborrow as long as the line is open. This means that you can leave your savings untouched and still take care of your current needs. Once you’ve paid some of the balance down, you can reborrow to fund new needs or projects.

Small Business Loan

Small business loans are another option that you can apply for through banks and credit unions. While these can be helpful, it will feel like you’re jumping through hoops to get them. You’ll need a great deal of documentation for the best odds of approval, which include things like financial projections for around five years, a thorough business plan, and an expense sheet.

As it can be difficult to be approved for a traditional small business loan, you might consider an SBA-guaranteed loan. As it is government-backed, your chances of approval increase. However, with both SBA and traditional small business loans, you’ll need to compare your options to ensure you get the best loan terms.


If you have a great business idea and a thorough business plan, you can consider finding investors to help fund your needs. This can be a very effective means of getting cash flow, but there is a catch.

Investors typically want a percentage of your company in exchange for funding your business. This means that someone else will own part of your business, and that can lead to many unwanted changes. Before you make this move, consider all options and understand what you’ll be giving up if you choose to seek out investors.

Using any of these three methods can be helpful avenues for gaining the funding you need. However, they all come with a price, whether it’s paying interest, putting your assets on the line, or giving up a piece of your company. Before making any final decisions, ask yourself what price you’re willing to pay so that you can make the best choice for your company.

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