5 Best Ways to Integrate CBD Into Meditation


Many people use cannabidiol (CBD) for wellness, but there is a lot of controversies, especially in the last few years, surrounding the benefits of this product. While there is limited research on CBD, anecdotal evidence shows that it may possess immense health benefits.

CBD could help alleviate anxiety, pain, and even lack of concentration, all of which could affect your meditation. All these benefits depend on the quality of the products one uses. If you want the best results, get your CBD from accredited sellers. Some of the best Sunday Scaries CBD gummies offers are found in nutritional supplements or food supplement stores.

How Does CBD Help with Meditation?

Increased Concentration

Meditation needs a lot of concentration, especially at the beginning stages of practice. Many beginners struggle at this stage, and they may feel that they lack the concentration required to achieve meditation. Luckily, you can use CBD to enhance your attention and help you meditate effectively.

CBD helps with concentration, focus and increases attention. When you infuse CBD into your meditation, you can tap into these benefits and prevent your thoughts from wandering randomly. This will ensure that you can focus effectively as long as you wish.

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Decreases Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can be distracting, and you may not be able to meditate when experiencing these feelings. You will find it impossible to sit still for even 20 minutes when your mind is full of worry. 

Scientific evidence shows that CBD can alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and stress.

If stress and anxiety have been robbing you of the joys of meditation, perhaps you should try incorporating CBD into your practice. CBD can help you have that calm mind you need to focus on your meditation.

Improves Mood

It would help if you had peace of mind to be able to meditate. Without a calm mind, your efforts would be ineffective. You need to feel positive since medication is all about positivity. When you sit down to meditate, you first need to let out negative energy and welcome vibrant energy.

CBD helps increase the flow of serotonin in the brain. This improves mood and ensures that you can meditate better and longer.

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Reduces Pain and Muscles Soreness

Meditation requires your muscles to relax so that energy can flow through your body effortlessly. This is difficult to achieve if you are in pain or if your muscles are sore. CBD can help relax your muscles and fight inflammation and help you concentrate better.

How to Integrate CBD into Meditation

If you are not familiar with CBD, you must be wondering how to use it for meditation. There are several ways in which you can incorporate CBD into meditation, depending on your desired outcomes and preferences.

Take Tinctures CBD Before Practice

CBD tinctures for oral ingestion are common in many supplement stores. These come with a dropper that you use to squeeze a drop of CBD under your tongue and let it dissolve.

Experts recommend starting with a small amount for first-time users. You start with ¼ a drop and observe how your body responds before increasing the dosage.

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Add CBD Oil to Your Morning Drink

If you prefer having a smoothie or tea before your meditation, you could consider adding a few drops of CBD oil to your drink. The bioavailability of oral CBD is much lower than other methods, and it takes a bit of time to feel the effects. It is advisable to take your drink at least an hour before your practice.

CBD and Meditation

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Use Topical CBD

You can buy topical CBD and add it to your skincare products. CBD itself has skin benefits, but if that’s not your intention for using CBD, you need to apply it to areas where it can offer maximum internal benefits. Apart from CBD topical oil, there are also gels and bath salts that have equally beneficial outcomes.

Apply CBD ointment to your chest, neck region, and hands before your mediation practice. This ensures that your skin absorbs the CBD well, and you can enjoy the benefits by the time you are ready for meditation.

Use CBD Edibles

There’s a range of CBD edible products such as gummies, mints, and even chocolate bars. You can take a bite of your favorite edible an hour before meditation. Edibles have a slow-acting effect, but the effects also last longer. So, it is advisable to take small doses as you gauge the results.

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Inhaling CBD works fastest and has a high bioavailability. If you want quick results, then inhalation is the way to go. It will take just a few seconds to feel the effects. You can choose to smoke or vape the oil.

Integrate CBD Into Meditation

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The benefits of using CBD for meditation may not be immediate, and it may take several weeks before you start noticing certain benefits. For best results, use caution and choose the most suitable route of administration.

Know the potency of the product you intend to use first. The higher the concentration, the more intense the results. If you don’t know how to determine the dosage, consult your doctor or local wellness professional.

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