7 Techniques to Improve Your Cannabis Experience


The Cannabis industry has grown significantly in the past few years. With legalization, more and more people are experimenting with Cannabis for both recreation and medicinal purposes. Regardless of your reason for using Cannabis, there is no denying that it can be a delightful experience. However, not everyone understands how to have an optimal experience when consuming weed or finding a great product.

If you’re looking to take your Cannabis experience to the next level, then this blog post is for you. We’ve compiled seven techniques that will help you improve your Cannabis experience so that it becomes more than just something you do on weekends.

Try Different Cannabis Strains

There are numerous Cannabis strains available on the market today, and they all have varying effects. While recreational Cannabis is mainly known for its ability to make you feel “high,” the strain of weed you consume can also affect your mood or state of mind in a significant way.

For instance, after a long day of work, it’s best to try Black Mamba Marijuana for relaxation. This strain is known to have a very mellow high, so it’s perfect for calming down after an intense day. And even though Black Mamba may make you feel tired at first, its effects eventually become energizing.

Stock Up on Mangoes

You’re probably wondering, “What do mangoes have to do with weed?” Mangoes have a chemical called myrcene terpenes, which gives them their fresh citrus fragrance and interacts with cannabinoids like THC(tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD(cannabidiol) to enhance their effects. So if you want to experience the most out of your weed, make sure you eat some mangoes before or after smoking it.

Try Different Cannabis Recipes

Cannabis Recipies

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Another way to boost your Cannabis experience is to try out different recipes. If you’re a beginner, your go-to consumption method is probably smoking your weed. However, there are other ways to use Cannabis that will open up a whole new world of highs for you, including edibles and tinctures(an alcohol extract). 

Edibles have longer-lasting effects than smoking but take about an hour before the product kicks in, so be patient. You can also try making your Cannabis juice by blending weed with apple or orange juice.

Give Your Skin Some Love

Cannabis has a plethora of benefits for not only your mind but also your skin. There are lotions and creams infused with Cannabis that you can use to treat dry or flaky skin, eczema, and psoriasis, among other conditions.

Another simple way to take advantage of the benefits of weed is by making a Cannabis scrub at home. All you need is some sugar (white or brown), oil, and Cannabis. You can also make a Cannabis mask by mixing equal parts of Cannabis, yogurt, and honey.

Take Your Fitness to the Next Level with Cannabis

Many fitness enthusiasts are incorporating Cannabis into their workout routines, and it’s not hard to understand why. Cannabis helps with pain and inflammation, gives an energy boost, and allows for a better recovery.

CBD Usage

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You can take Cannabis before or after exercising to enhance your workout experience. For example, you can smoke a couple of puffs before working out to help get your heart pumping and blood flowing so that you are warmed up and ready to go. You can also smoke or vape after your workout for the same reasons – so that your muscles will recover more quickly.

Start a Cannabis Journal

Another way to get the most of your Cannabis experience is to start a Cannabis journal. Make a note of what strains you are using, how much, and the results from each one. You will gradually be able to test out which type of Cannabis works best for your body – whether it is Indica or Sativa dominant and find out which times during the day work best for different strains, among other things.

Your Cannabis Experience Is Not Complete Without Snacks

Cannabis snacks

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Cannabis-induced munchies are a real thing, so you should be prepared to get your grub on while high. When you’re planning to have a smoking session, make sure you have some snacks on hand like chips, chocolates, and other goodies. Stocking up on snacks will go a long way in helping you to relax and enjoy your weed smoking session.

Wrapping Up

There’s more to Cannabis than just smoking. In this blog post, we’ve discussed many ways to enhance your weed experience with tips ranging from mixing up your weed strains, eating edibles, and journaling, among other things.

We hope you’ve found these simple tips helpful and that they will help take your weed experience up a notch or two! The more prepared you are, the better time you’ll have with Cannabis. So try these tips and enjoy your weed sessions!

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